Evicting ants from houseplants.

Gar! There must be a billion tiny black ants living in the planter on top of my fridge! And their ghostly white eggbaby thingies… Damn it. I hate it when I have to kill critters! But these guys get into things and bite and generally make a nuisance of themselves, so they have to go!

Easier said then done, though. Took plant out, moved fridge, caulked windowsill cracks(where they were emerging from, in a steady little egg-toting train) and tried to transplant the poor plant, but it’s absolutely riddled with ants. Sigh. I stabbed it up a bit and gave them a day to deport themselves, but everytime I checked it, more ants came rushing out, so I’ve dunked the whole thing in a pot of water and there it sits, ’til they’re all gone to ant heaven.

Hope my plant survives.


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