What’s in your cake?

“See your world as a sort of well-stocked kitchen where every possible ingredient that has ever been pondered, considered, thought of or wanted, exists in an abundant, never-ending quantity; and see yourself as the chef, soliciting forth from the shelves of your kitchen whatever ingredients, in whatever quantity you desire, and mixing it all together for the creation of your cake of life, which currently pleases you greatly.”

Abraham Hicks

Love this analogy. So, hmmm… What do I want in my cake? Cups and cups of great art, awesome friends and family, excellent health, great relationships, LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE, financial prosperity, delicious food, beautiful garden… Throw in some great books, music, chi gong, beach time, snuggles, fun with my son, chocolate, great conversations. Spice it up with large dashes of dancing, awesome sex, incredible kisses and infuse it with wisdom and compassion, ice it with clarity and beauty and pass me that fork!


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