Don’t poke the yeti, Sam. He’s our guest.

Last night I dreamt my mom and I were talking in a well-appointed house. We heard a bonking noise from above and I looked up and saw, through a hole in the ceiling, a hole in the attic roof. Falling into the hole was a humonguous, fluffy-looking white shape.

“Does that look like a polar bear to you?” I asked my mom, somewhat flabbergasted.

She concurred that the cloudy shape resembled a white bear and indeed, the farther it slipped into the house the more it looked like one. It slid through the hole and fell into the house, landing(guessing by the muffled thumping sound) in the living room.

My boys(Sam and another) ran to check it out and mom and I hurried behind them. I figured the animal might hide, but there it was, a yeti now, comfortably ensconced cross-legged on the couch.

Sam was sitting next to him, poking his leg. I said: “Don’t poke the yeti, Sam. He’s our guest.” The yeti didn’t really seem to mind the poking though.

The dream refocused then, I found myself staring, enchanted, at the art on the mantle. It was a painting, shaped like a house, of a house with an owl in the attic-beautifully detailed. Immediately, I knew it was an important protection charm.

There were several others, all house-shaped, with owls as the guardian spirits. I knew I wanted to make these myself.

……………..Now I just need to find some house-shaped wooden canvases! :)

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  1. BB Says:

    Owl in Attic- a must for every wise person! Paint them Lassie!

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