Dream places

People and places often recur in my dreams. I think certain people(especially people I’ve loved and lost) and places have become potent totems for issues that challenge me in my current life.

The trailer I grew up in used to enter my dreams all the time. I haven’t dreamt of it in years and then just a few nights ago, there I was, running down the long hall to the back door to let in a poor kitty I’d seen through the window that was stuck out in the snow. This dream… was quite unlike the ones I used to have which usually had a strong, ominous sense of being trapped and trying to break free. I opened the back door to let the kitty in and then a little kid picked it up and brought it inside along with a whole bunch of dogs who were herded in by a mastiff-headed man in a yellow suit whom I immediately(and somewhat snarkily) addressed as: “Jack.” (as in Coyote Jack) He growled at me and said he could easily kill me and I laughed and said: “So?” We got along quite well after that.

This dream felt good and I felt strong and funny and powerful, quite unlike the dreams I used to have in that particular locale.

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