A much neglected update on Cosmos

Notice: This post narrated by Sam.

Cosmos page 007 [c1]

Page 007 (Sodalicious!)


Page 008 (Suddenly, better shading! Wow!)


Page 009 (Lamps with eyes are the best kind of lamps. I’d totally buy that lamp.)


Page 010 (Oh wait no that’s no lamp. Shocking twist. What is even this guy’s deal with these lamps.)


Page 011 (PLOT!! That’s a sound effect that needs to be used in comics more often.)


Page 012 (Shocking twist #2. Man Lekku what is even up with your mane in that last panel. Brush strokes eternal.)


Page 013 (Motion blur always. I have to draw those couches so many times i will just drop a spaceship on one, which just actually happened. Oh wait now it’s harder to draw. Dang)


Page 014 (See, when you cut something with a sword that looks like a peeled banana it clearly can’t be fixed. This is what happens in my world.)

How many couches CAN I destroy???????? Next on Cosmos!

Also, previous 4 pages are here; and the first two are here.

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