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Commission finished!

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Finally got my wind back and finished the painting I was commissioned to create at my gallery show a few months back.

The client, Dianna, bought my painting ‘Nap’

(click for larger version)

and she really liked a larger painting, ‘Renew’

(click for larger version)

but wanted one the same size as Nap, so she commissioned another work, born of the first Renew.

Hence, Renew 2 came into being.

(click for larger version)

Not as strong as the original inspiration, but still sweet and.. Aaaaaaaaah, completion is good.


It’s not every day one of your paintings hails you..

Friday, July 4th, 2008

..pulls up to the curb, rolls down the car window and says hello.


It was a very strange moment for my brain. As completely familiar as the details of her face were, I’d never met the woman before. My neurons flailed for context-which obligingly rushed to the rescue in the form of Scott(the client who commissioned the portrait), the driver of the vehicle.


Fortunately, I rather like having my mind blown and so it was really fun to say hello in the flesh to my Moon Goddess. I’m happy to report that she likes the painting-’tis always an uncertain thing to paint someone you don’t know from ittybitty besunglassed snapshots.

I felt quite tipsy with delight on the way home. Being an artist isn’t always fun-especially when the car insurance is due-but sometimes, it’s the best thing ever!

Invoking Drala

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

My show opened last weekend. It was glorious and fun and delicious.


So cool to see all the paintings and sculptures I’ve been working on all spring proudly sprouting up on the walls next to Sophie’s haunting impressions of dilapidated industrial spaces. So wonderful to be surrounded by my friends and community.

I’m a lucky girl.

The performances were awesome, passionate and inspiring. My momma read my favorite poem of hers while Maris played the flute and Jean danced. My chi gong/meditation/massage teacher, Svadesh honored me with a participational chant and a reading on the Tonal. Cody and Amy danced a delightful, hilarious routine on love and bologna sandwiches, Alex and Vanessa did a wild yearning butoh piece, Courtnee sang her lovely Last Breath song and Jean finished us up with another gorgeous dance. The food was luscious and abundant(thanks Kim!)-indeed, so abundant that we’ve been eating it happily all week! :) Mmmm… Cherries and chocolate.

Yay for creative friends! Thank you all SO MUCH! I love you.

Oh, and I read my artist poem:

I’m an artist.
Or so i remind myself
when i get those looks.

Wrinkling with incomprehension
as things fall out of my mouth
in less than discernable order.

It’s all grippable though,
I have to believe that, even if
so much fertility is hard to handle.

Winter’s frozen poetry thaws
on my tongue, trickling a thin line,
tart and sweet across the canvas.

Big, strong, veiny hands spreading,
stroking, caught in their
fervent reverie.

The squirming painful surges
every bit as dynamic as
pleasures hottest urges.

Don’t worry my bones into
a semblance of sense,
just look, touch, taste…

Soak it up or leave it
flapping vexatiously in the periphery
of your week’s routine.

Until you’re ready to yield
some part of yourself,
some of that nagging conviction perhaps?

Don’t fret, you can always snatch
it up and put it on again
(if it’s not too tight).

Take my hand for a moment,
Perhaps it will help to know
I’m here too.

Playing in the dark.

There was much art viewing, mingling and sparkling conversation, I sold three paintings(woot!), we cleaned up(hurray for Delayne , king of dishes and humming), goofed off and then, came home and had a wonderful bonfire party! D got the fire blazing whilst I threw together a lamb spaghetti sauce and pasta(I’m told I can’t call it spaghetti iffen it’s not actually spaghetti noodles) dinner and we all toasted our toes, drank sake and port and told silly jokes(really silly-we had to ban poop as a subject-much to Jason’s chagrin).

More show pics here.

My show, my SHOW!!!

Monday, May 5th, 2008

It’s almost here!


If you’re in Seattle May 18th, come and see what my three month long painting frenzy has yielded. :)

Sunday, May 18th, 1 to 6pm

You are joyously invited to ‘Invoking Drala’ at the Little Red Studio Gallery. The art of Zan Edson and Sophie Brunet.

Trees, roots, rocks, earth, water… The natural world calls me and collects me, bringing my often furiously swirling human mind back to the moment, back to the breath filling my chest, the ferns tickling my legs, the warm rock, or rough bark against my cheek.

In celebration of this intimate, priceless, abundant, endless source of connection and in gratitude to Drala(a Tibetan word for natural magic or the spirits of nature), I’ve created a series of paintings and sculptures.

My friend Sophie Brunet will be gracing us with her Industrial series-paintings of crumbling industrial spaces-which both compliment and contrast the rooty glory of mine and remind us that beauty is also found in the least likely places.

Please come and enjoy! The opening will be from 1 to 6pm,with performances beginning at 5pm, so stop by at your leisure to peruse the art from 1 to 5 and stay if you like, for some amazing dance, music and poetry. Refreshments will be provided by Chef Kim, so they’re sure to be yummy! :)


Invoking Drala
Sunday, May 18th, 1 to 6pm
The Little Red Studio Gallery
406 Dexter Ave N

Hurray Sophie!

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

The lovely and talented Sophie Brunet struts her painterly stuff on you tube.

The vid was created for her show last weekend in Vancouver, BC-Woohooooooo! Yay Sophie! May all your beautiful paintings sell like hotcakes!


Birthday delights

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

I may be one dirtass po’ starvin’ artist, but I’m richer than Gates and Buffett put together when it comes to sterling friends, precious family, sparklovely gifts and… Lovely, blank white canvases aching to be splooshed with luscious color-thanks to my rockin’ momma!

My birthday eve, I celebrated butohlisciously with my kickass girlfriends Cody, Sharon and Rita-and Sheri, somewhat vicariously, as she was fully in butoh mode and probably didn’t even know I was there. :) Love you Sheri, you are a truly amazing dancer.


We wandered around the downtown artwalk scene, committing impromptu acts of streetcorner performance brilliance(Go Sharon!) yakkin’, debating the mostly dubious merits of the dismayingly popular buttplugugly art and taking random pictures perched in strange places.


Aaaah… Sweet girl time.

Today, the actual day that my long-suffering momma pushed me out into this bizarre world as my anxious sister grated the heads off of the roses my dad bought against the hospital wall, I painted and painted and painted! Yayz! Then I ran out of canvas..

..An’ my generous momma took me to the art store where I piled mountains of pretty white squares and rectangles on our cart, all innocently agleam in their shiney plastic wrap, waiting in eager anticipation, or perhaps, silent trepidation for me to take them home and despoil them.


I am one lucky, lucky woman.


Thank you all, for the birthday love.

Hurray Molly!

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

I love seeing a brilliant artist succeed. My friend Molly Kellogg just announced her latest show at Bard Hall Gallery in San Diego.

Her work thrills me.

Meaning of Life

The emotions of her figures just leap out and grab you.

Mother’s Love

I love this one-it reminds me a bit of one of my favorite photos of Sam and I, taken goofing around under the covers in our tent on a camping trip last summer.


It’s a ridiculously silly photo, with none of the glorious elegance of Mollie’s painting, but the love is the same.



Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

(click to embiggen)

I started this painting two days ago. Just finished it today. Really hard to get the colors accurate in photoshop, though I kind of like the glowy aspect of the shattering that my attempt to bring the contrast into proportion created.

Art in the face of horror

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Burmese painter and performance artist Htein Lin was imprisoned in a Myanmar(Burmese) prison for six years.

Htein Lin

It didn’t stop him, in fact it fueled his art. Painting on sarongs donated by inmates on death row(whose sacrifice meant they had to remain naked until issued a new one), his works depict the awful suffering, sickness and corruption of prison life in Myanmar, where prisoners who couldn’t afford the bribes would often beg the mercy of other prisoners to chop their fingers off with a hoe, so that they could not be sent to brutal work camps.

This heroic, resourceful artist used syringes(from a medical orderly who was a poet) as paintbrushes and the plasticized back of a photo of the Buddha as a print plate. He also created a series of performances for the sustenance of his fellow prisoners.

How incredible, and how fortunate, that he managed to smuggle his art out of prison. Lin has continued to create art and perform.

I love this quote from his website:

‘Htein Lin sees himself as an artist, not a political activist. But while he regards art used in the service of politics as something that insults the value of both, he believes political events can inspire art, and those events can sometimes even swallow up an artist. When the artist emerges, he will be changed by the experience, and thereby become the painting, and no longer the painter.’

It goes so well with his painting, ‘Self Torture for Six Years’:

(click on image to enlarge)

Thank God for the brave artists and monks of the world. Humans have such a capacity for violence, aggression, deception, selfishness and brutality, it’s often hard to remember how tremendously brave, compassionate, generous, just and honest we can be.

My thanks, Htein Lin. It’s humbling to see your art, courage and perseverance.

Cello pics!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Brandi sent a link to her BM photos and she actually GOT some of the cello I painted lookin’ all purty on top of the cello tree…


…in Celloboy’s proud hands


and me, showing off my dusty nightplaya wear in front of the cello tree.