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Saturday, October 21st, 2006

At long last! I can do crazy shit like check my email from my very own bedroom and post, oh, sweet, sweet posting!

God, what a relief for a stymied bloggy girl.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Daniel and Andy.

You’ve done a beautiful thing-May all the most excellent web genies rain abundant blessings on your sweet heads.

Yay, all my pretty pics are back!

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Daniel fixed the pics on my old blog, Loverzan.

That means I can show you my first(and so far only) lifesize sculpture!


My horned sister, dissolving into light,


and much, much more, should you for some godforsaken reason, wish to plunder and delve in the archives of my former life. You’ll find tantalizingly eclectic treasures like birds flying from rib cages, gorgeous bodypainted goddesses, broken masks, pennies from heaven, tortured chickens and all kindsa sexy grryl action.

The deluge…

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

…seems to have stopped for now, but my knees are still wet!

It’s a perfect line, just about an inch above the knee proper on both legs-corresponding precisely to the length of my jacket. Hrmmph! Now I get to give massage all evening with wetass knees.

I know it’s real rain when that happens.

Ah, Seattle.


Friday, January 27th, 2006

I stopped in at one of my favorite blogs, Dreaming in Chiaroscuro and happened across some excellent advice, via Wish Jar Journal:

“Learn to say, ‘Fuck You’ to the world once in a while. You have every right to. Just stop thinking, worrying, looking over your shoulder, wondering, doubting, fearing, hurting, hoping for some easy way out, struggling, gasping, confusing, itching, scratching, mumbling, bumbling, grumbling, humbling, stumbling, rumbling, rambling, gambling, tumbling, scumbling, scrambling, hitching, hatching, bitching, moaning, groaning, honing, boning, horse-shitting, hair-splitting, nit-picking, piss-trickling, nose-sticking, ass-gouging, eyeball-poking, finger-pointing, alleyway-sneaking, long waiting, small stepping, evil-eyeing, back-scratching, searching, perching, besmirching, grinding grinding grinding away at yourself. Stop it and just DO. Don’t worry about cool. Make your own uncool.

Make your own, your own world.”


from “The
Accidental Masterpiece” by Michael Kimmelman)

I had to send it to Asshole, I knew she’d be able to interpret some of the gnarlier terms for me.


Elastic nipples

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

C1. While nursing, your supervisor’s nipple should be inserted completely in your mouth at all times. Do not take this time as an opportunity to look around, play “catch-and-release,” or make “mouth music.” It should be noted that just because nipples can stretch to an alarming three to four inches long, it does not mean this is acceptable or desirable behavior. No horseplay will be tolerated while employees are in this work area!

SJ makes me snort.

Humor so funny it hurts

Friday, December 16th, 2005


gapingvoid tells it like it is.

I’d like to see what he’d make of MY life.


Hmmm… Maybe he’s been there already.


Fixed it!

Friday, December 9th, 2005

I finally wrestled my categories and archives into submission!

Now that y’all can see all the purty pictures, they actually make sense. Well, er… That is, they make as much sense as they originally did, which, I confess, in the case of some of my less coherent ramblings, may be a rather dubious assertion.

Thanks Colin, for pointing out the deliquency and many, many grateful bows to vkaryl, a mod at, for her kind, prompt and excellent assistance, not to mention cheerfully tolerating my ignorant queries and keeping the geekspeak way, way down.

I’m not a total Luddite, but FTPing, SSHing and editing with vi just doesn’t give me a clue as to where to go and what to do. Simple, step by step… Start here, click here, go there, delete this, upload that.

I can handle it.

Perhaps sometime in the not-entirely-distant future, I might even feel like I’m on top o’ this bloggy thing!

Yeah, maybe when pigs fly… Oh, hey didn’t pigs fly in Mirrormask? -whoops, no those were gorilla-bird thingies.

Oh yeah, it must’ve been one of the Spykids movies. Knew I’d seen some winged piggie action somewhere.


The painting

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005


Getting the header together was a rather elaborate challenge. I made this painting for it(now framed ala photoshop), then had to make another painting to extend the columnade and it took ever so much futzing about and cussing to get the image together with the photo of the grass and then the shovel and text.

It’s not quite perfect, but then, neither am I!