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Olympic peninsula vacation, part one.

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Had a fabulous five day getaway out on the gorgeous Olympic peninsula last week.

Sam and I started out with a day in Port Angeles. I really enjoy exploring a new town with my kid. It’s kind of nice to see things from the perspective of a ten year old-especially one who likes the same sort of things I like. :)

We played on the beach for hours, browsed the bookstores(quite a well-book-stocked town, Port Angeles), admired and goofed around with the numerous sculptures that adorn the street and waterfronts


We’d cozied up in our little hotel room near the ferry with stacks of books and drawing materials when the gorgeous golden sunset light came seductively slanting in the window.. Somehow(bagels or chocolate usually work), I managed to persuade the foot-weary Sam to go for another little walk with me to capture the loveliness of the world’s turning.


Sooooo purty.


Back at the hotel, we settled in for a snuggly night of reading chapters(halfway through Tailchaser’s song and finishing up Sea of Monsters) and laughing at the monotonous, incessant chirping of the crossing lights, repeating the same call over and over like some deranged wind-up bird.

It was sweet to go to sleep in our little white room, looking forward to meeting Rita at the bustop after breakfast and Delayne at the ferry in the afternoon.

But that’s the next post…



Friday, July 4th, 2008

I had a fabulous tween weekend.

Sam and I missed Rowan’s birthday last week, so we celebrated(and said goodbye to her for the summer) by having an all weekend campout in the backyard.

Thanks to Jim’s palatial tent, we all had our own rooms too-perfect for privacy and connection, teleportation optional, but highly recommended. :)

It was blazing hot, so we filled the hot tub with cold water and the kids tested their Popsicle Samurai endurance skilz.

cold tub

What a full weekend! We went to WALL-E(good movie that), took the Bday girl manga shopping, tromped around town in search of desserts… There was marshmallow-roasty bonfires, late-nite manga madness, stormy gusts blustering the tent, giggly morning conversations about god, the universe and everything and a lovely trip to the Dobyn’s trampoline.


Where Rowan trounced us all with the sheer power of HAIR.

M’kehla chopped hers off halfway through the weekend, to emerge looking all cute and shorn and elegant. Fortunately, Rowan has enough hair for all of ‘em and then some.


And, apparently(according to Sam) it has rejuvenative powers. It wouldn’t surprise me-she could put the fear of hair unto a horde of rastafarians.

More campin’, trampin’ and hair power here.

Stone stacking wizardry

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Had an exsqueezeite visit with Delayne earlier this week. He popped in to attend my show and stayed to help me celebrate and decompress(and finish up all the chocolate and cherries *mmmmmmm*…) for a few days.

Aaaaah, such glorious good times.

Sam and I took him to Discovery Park’s delicious north beach-land of lovely beach snags, driftwood logs perfect for scrambling across, clay cliffs(just the thing for an explosion-minded lad, like my Sam), flotsam(including several interesting dead creatures), insanely hoppy bugs and lots and lots of excellent stackable stones.


D is an expert of stackology-or perhaps it would be more accurate to say the man is deeply attuned to rocks of all sorts(this astonishing affinity is also evidenced by his luscious stone sculptures) and Sam and I were amazed and delighted by the delicate, precarious balancing acts he coaxed his rocks into performing.


Even more fun when we turned about(quite abruptly, when D rather nonchalantly sounded the ‘wonder if our packs have drowned yet?’ alarm) and saw the tide had come in and made the stone towers into islands-and soaked one of our packs!


Fortunately, it didn’t drench the one with the camera and all in all, it was a wonderful day.

More pretty rocks and log scrambling here.

Organisms of all ecosystems, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chain stores!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

My awesome dad just got his own website up!

Hurray dad! May your musical mayhem inspire, fire and delight the hearts of people all around our fair world.

Love from the baby that got away.



Monday, April 21st, 2008

foxes and birdy

Lurking about in the forest at the Islandwood Environpalooza festival last weekend was a blast! My mom was a bird(no surprise there), Maris most becomingly,

owl and fox

became an owl and Sam and I were frisky, growly foxes-

foxy foxes

-playing king/queen o’ every rock and stump in the place.


It was a hoot(ow-sorry), prowling past festival-goers on the forest trails, skulking behind stumps and haunting the gorgeous tree house in the marshes.

What a lovely place!

More pics of wild things and ferry foxes here.

Check out the Mommabird!

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Earth Day, April 13th, my mom(and her ragtag band of forest dwellers) will be performing out at IslandWood on Bainbridge Island.

She makes a great posterbird for the Environpalooza.


Birthday delights

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

I may be one dirtass po’ starvin’ artist, but I’m richer than Gates and Buffett put together when it comes to sterling friends, precious family, sparklovely gifts and… Lovely, blank white canvases aching to be splooshed with luscious color-thanks to my rockin’ momma!

My birthday eve, I celebrated butohlisciously with my kickass girlfriends Cody, Sharon and Rita-and Sheri, somewhat vicariously, as she was fully in butoh mode and probably didn’t even know I was there. :) Love you Sheri, you are a truly amazing dancer.


We wandered around the downtown artwalk scene, committing impromptu acts of streetcorner performance brilliance(Go Sharon!) yakkin’, debating the mostly dubious merits of the dismayingly popular buttplugugly art and taking random pictures perched in strange places.


Aaaah… Sweet girl time.

Today, the actual day that my long-suffering momma pushed me out into this bizarre world as my anxious sister grated the heads off of the roses my dad bought against the hospital wall, I painted and painted and painted! Yayz! Then I ran out of canvas..

..An’ my generous momma took me to the art store where I piled mountains of pretty white squares and rectangles on our cart, all innocently agleam in their shiney plastic wrap, waiting in eager anticipation, or perhaps, silent trepidation for me to take them home and despoil them.


I am one lucky, lucky woman.


Thank you all, for the birthday love.

Yay momma!

Monday, January 14th, 2008

My mom’s movie debut was a grand success-all two glorious, fishy seconds of it. ;)

momma movie

Krogstad movies are megaweird. We had a blast at the SAM and then B&O’d the evening away with yummy food and drinks-I had my first brandy alexander ever, which was yummy, though I don’t think I’m quite as taken by it as Feist-and excellent artistic conversation.


A few more pics here.

New Year’s sillies

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Sam and I eschewed the parties and fireworks and had a very sweet, very silly New Year’s Evening together.


We sacrificed many mini marshmallows in a solemn(well, ok, semi-solemn.. er, um, fine then! T’was an absurd, gigglesnorting) sort of fire ceremony.

new year’s eve fire

Mo’ pics.

Day of much booty and feasting

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Happy Holydays, everyone!

xmas krew

Mo’ pics.