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my mom’s film debut!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Woohooooo! My momma Blackbird, is starring in one of Karl Krogstad’s new films at the Seattle Art Museum!

‘The Perfect Show’, a series of short movies, airs on friday, January 4th at 7:15 and 9:00pm at SAM.

You may recognize the fishwife with the magical fish. ;)

Scrumptious weekend, part three: Sculpting dinner.

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

In which I invite friends over and we build a city full of strange creatures for dinner. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

food city

Oddly, the kids weren’t much into the creating. I guess they’ve reached the ages when the lure of the laptop is paramount. Though I noticed they were happy enough to participate when it came to the destruction of our fair city with a bombardment of carrot missiles. :)

the lure of the laptop

But we, the silly adults, raised an awesome city of ham, jicama, mashed ‘taters, radishes, beets, cookies, cheese wheels, chocolates, malt balls, etc. My mom provided mortar in the form of marshmallow fluff and easy cheese(edibility=debatable, stickiness=excellent).


Ben’s car, motoring through town.

cookie tower

Mom’s fabulous Cookie Tower.

lizard and bug

Rita’s centipede bug and my lizard.

Rooster tower

Delayne’s majestic Rooster Tower, just before it surrendered to gravity.

More dinner sculpture(and the bombing) here.

Merry Kilnmas!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! At long last, I’m kilned again!

My delighted, grateful thanks to my momma, for her generous gifting, to all the friends who have bought my art lately to help me afford the sucker and to the rockin’ kiln posse who got my shiny, pretty new baby werkin’ tonight.

kiln posse

It was a chore and a half, cuz when Molly(our kickass new housemate) helped me haul it inside, we discovered-ackthhhbbbt!-the plug’s prongs were the wrong configuration for the outlet holes!

Molly(our incredibly handy new housemate) ran around-on her precious day off, no less, to hardware stores with me ascertaining which parts we needed and then rallied a friend to come help us change it out-Sophie and Jim joined in and the Fellowship of the kiln began… With much quaffing of beer, twitching, snorting, and manly hefting of screwdrivers.

Sophie kept us all entertained by perching precariously on the old, detached slide off Sam’s bunkbed(to keep her feet off the cold cement garage floor) and falling down it every time a good joke knocked out her proprioceptors. ;)

laughing so hard she falls over!

I am SUCH a lucky woman.


Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Sam got sent home early from school today on account of the flood, so we celebrated by going to the Beaver park with BB to check out the crazyass torrents.


It was incredible-the paths were rivers, the sandpits lakes and the river? The river was a raging, gorgeous force of Nature.

It was so cool.

Pics here.

Thanksgiving blackbirds

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

In which I am thankful for-

my pretty momma

my pretty momma and…



This Turkeyday I ate duck for lunch and stuffed a chicken with quinoa, cranberries, chesnuts and fennel for my momma Blackbird and me. We had a marvelous momma day at Magnusson Park.

Hurray for all the beautiful birds of the world, edible or not.


veggi menagerie

Monday, October 8th, 2007

my momma started something with her eggplant o’lantern the other day…


She came by with a load of odd and bumpy vegetables tonight and M’kehla, Sam and I joined in to create an interesting edible menagerie.


more critters here.

Camano Island

Friday, September 14th, 2007


Is a beautiful place. I got back from BM just in time for Sam’s last summer weekend before school, so I swooped him up and we went campin’.

Cap’n Sam commandeered a likely chunk of driftwood..


And lo and behold, the Dread Ship Log sailed the high seas! Tourists quavered before his mighty onslaught.

It was damn windy and cold, so we built a driftwood shelter and that was perfection. When my brave corsair got shivery wet, he came up and dipped out of the wind to lounge about in the nice warm sun, munching on trailbars and humonguous crunchy corn.

There was so much excellent driftwood lying around, we built some mini Goldsworthy Towers(note the pebble citizens escaping across Sam’s evacuation bridge).


The red sandstone cliffs were gorgeous and so carveable I couldn’t resist-we soon had a Sand Wyrm lurking about hungrily.


Luckily for the tasty-looking kids beach-combing nearby, Sam found the perfect driftwood rifle and made short work of the beast.

We celebrated our triumphant beach day with a gigglefest in our tent.


Where we discovered the ‘Cherrypie’ Larabar is much more accurately dubbed the ‘long-chewing sour cherry rectangle’. Truth doesn’t sell well, yo. ;)

Ah well, we had chocolate chip cookies to resort to, so all’s well that ends well.

See Sam hunt the Wyrm here.

Dragon festival!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

‘Twas the day before I left for Burning Man, so the pics fwooshed through my camera so fast I almost forgot about them in all the whirl of returning…


My mom’s booth came out beautifully. The kids(and adults too) loved it!

It was the Arts In Nature Festival at West Seattle’s little green, hidden oasis, Camp Long.


Mom and her band of dragon musicians wandered about making music and handing out dragon riddles to the kids and Sam and I played on the glacier and the climbing rock and visited the cool installations in the cabins. The hurricane cabin was so cool-an auditory installation, hurricane winds and transformers exploding issuing from a cabin in the woods… Awesome!

The kids had a blast at the end of the festival when they took the ginormous world ball off it’s stand and let them roll it around, which soon became a game of tag, pushing it up the grassy meadow slope, letting go and running like hell as it came back down!


Sam probably would have stayed all day pushing the ball around, especially when kids started lying down in it’s path to let it galumph over them on the way down, but we really had to pack up the booth and call it a day.

Pics, pics, pics!

Blazing Dragonboat Pyre

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Shan is dead.


This picture was taken eons ago by a newspaper photographer who did a story on our commune school, Tower School. I’m not sure who’s under the hat in the lower left, but I’m the one above said hat. Aaron(one of my best friends as a kid, not to mention the first boy I ever played pirates with) is next, then Aaron’s little sister Laura, who took my place(thank god!) as smallest, cutest brat around, then my sister Lyca in yet another revolutionary cap. A and L’s mom, Susan is behind Lyca, next to Shan. It’s the only picture I have of him, so I printed a copy out for our Dragonboat, along with a print of the post I wrote a few weeks ago.

My mother Blackbird collected some memorabilia and writings from people who knew him and created a paper dragon boat. We sent it off to sea(well, to lake actually), burning it’s firey memories into the night.


Sam waded out with the little boat as it sailed away, glimmering in the evening twilight. It’s a very shallow part of the lake, so he was able to stand guard over it for quite a long time. He felt quite sad afterwards, so we went to celebrate life and death with some yummy desserts and a silly movie.

Flickr’d pics here.

In which Sam and I revel in our supreme dorkiness

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007


A sunny dragon-painting afternoon on my mom’s back patio. Sam and I succumb to an attack of MAD DORKBALL PHOTOSHOOT!!!


Sigh… I’m love my boy-I’m so happy he’s as completely loony as I am.