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Cult of Bread Almighty.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Slices of bread lying under the kitchen table: “…”

Sam, picking them up mournfully: “They don’t look too dirty, can’t we still eat them?”

Me: “They’ve been on the floor since you made your lunch LAST NIGHT. That’s just a *bit* too far past the two-second rule.”

Sam: “We could wash them.”

Me: “If you wash dirty bread, you don’t get clean bread, you get soggy dirt on soggy bread.”

Sam: “Can we put them on the altar?”

Me: “You offer the best of what you have on the altar, not bread that’s been on the floor all night.”

Sam: “They could have their own altar.”

Slices of bread: “Bow down, insignificant humans!”

High Tea at the Mad House!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

A delightful music video by my new friend, Love.

Starring me and my freaky fun friends! And yes, dryads do like watermelon excessively, why do you ask? :)

Do you love food?

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

As opposed to the plethora of dubiously edible food-like substances promoted in most supermarkets?

Awesome article by food superhero, Michael Pollan.

Yay food!

Baby belly!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Had a lovely dinner with my friends Rita and Ben, my mom and teh Samster. Mmmm…. Porkchops simmered in plum-nectarine-blueberry sauce with shitake baked rice(recipe courtesy of my awesome friend Sharon who is about to come out with her very own cookbook!), garden collards and garden salad. And a veritable plethora of desserts! I made a blackberry cobbler with some very fine and ginormous berries my mom brought, Rita brought two kinds of lemon birthday cake from her Bday celebration and Sam and I made chocolate chocolate mint chip monster cookies! Yum. Stuffed ourselves and then Ben and Sam made origami while I painted Rita’s lovely, pregnant belly.


Yay! Happy birthday Rita! And hurray for summer goodness…

More pictures of the dinner and the belly, here.

The Infinite Feast!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

I may have had a rather unfortunate summer, but I certainly have an amazing fortune in my friends!

Cody, kickass organatrix and grand friend that she is, decided to throw a benefit party for me and proceeded to do so, in truly glorious Badbad Faerie style! Jeff generously donated the use of the Little Red Day Spa and my fabulous posse(Yay Cody! Rita! Ben! Anna! Blackbird! Drew! Juliet! Cheri! Sam! David! Julia!) rallied their considerably delicious forces and talents and thus, the Infinite Feast was born!

It was an absolutely sumptuous, sexy soiree, with delicious munchies, hot tubbin’, dancing(thanks Michael Holden for the awesome tunes!),



massage(yay Candace!), tarot(the mysterious Madam Blackbird), poetry(call and response between David Jones and I), luscious desserts, awesome art and of course the Bad bad Faeries and their wicked, fruity shenanigans!

Badbad Faeries!

Badbad Faeries!

More pics on Facebook.

It was so much fun! Thanks so so much Coders and all of you who helped organize it, baked for it, made gorgeous signage, worked it, donated awesome art(yay David, Juliet and Liz!) and services(props to Cody, Danni, Sharon, Jason and BB!) to the auction and came and danced and soaked and cuddled and bought art and things…

My Buddha holds a fat envelope full of lovely green bills that will help me pay off a chunk of my debt, buy my ever-growing kiddo clothes for the fall and get my unhappy tooth to the dentist.. Though one of the very first things I’m going to do is GO BUY A NICE BIG CANVAS!!! Just to prove to myself that I don’t have to give up, even if I no longer have those lovely big walls I was so looking forward to painting pictures for.

But regardless of the money, the gift of my friends and community is a rich one. It is a boon and a bounty I’ll not soon forget.


My 39th Birthday and Fifth Annual Naked Human Party!

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

I love threes and nines, so 39 is simply the most exquisite number EVER. Obviously, my 39th birthday had to be something special. ;)

Therefore, I combined it with my annual Naked Human party. Everyone brought tons of gawdjis clothes, we made a humongous pile and dove in. The party was so much fun, it just sort of ran itself! None of the performances I’d planned happened-but there was plenty of spontaneous performing ‘midst all the talking, snuggling, playing, trying oning and giggling.

Brenda sings
(click to enlarge)

Brenda Belcher serenaded us with her lovely songs(when Zola wasn’t licking her face).

(click to enlarge)

Sean made magic with his mesmerizing balls.

(click to enlarge)

Yonatan stole our hearts with his shy debutante act… And then stole my hat. Again.

(click to enlarge)

Danni and Cody had us bustin’ a gut with their hilarious body-part-mash-up(Cody is the legs, Danni the top). There were really too many lovely performances to snap pictures of… Mai Li sang to us and told us ridiculous jokes, Juliet and Drew gave an awesome poem/montage of quotes, sweaters were cut into leg-warmers———-

(click to enlarge)

———-and we feasted on delicious foodstuffs. Rita made me an awesome grapefruit cake-yum! My lentil stew turned out divinely although it was a new recipe and I de-baconated it in favor of my veggitastic friends. Everyone scored loverly new clothes and we all had fun rummaging through the pile…

Such a glorious birthday! Thanks so much all y’alls, you’re amazing. Such a rich, lucky woman am I, to have such fantastic friends and community!

More pictures here.

Cool digestive action!

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Feed your digestive system.


Woohoooo! More Thanksgiving pictures!

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Atiron got her’s flickr’d.


Go, see the great pillow massacre, Me eating Delayne’s arm, Ben french-kissing a dragon and tons of other cool madness! :)


Turkey PIE!!!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

I’m bustin’ with culinary pride tonight.. I made a turkey pie for dinner! TURKEY PIE!!!


No recipe, from scratch, woot! It’s super yummy too-even Sam likes it! :)


Plus, cranberry bars for ’ssert, spur of the moment, invented on the fly. Mmmmm… A very creative evening in the Circle kitchen.

Flickr’d pics.

Goaty Thanksgiving

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

It was an awesome Turkey day! Sam, BB, Delayne and I farmsat on Whidbey Island and Rita and Ben came out friday evening for to cookandNOM!


Quite an eventful holiday.. The three goats(Merriment, Snow Princess and Chardonnay-or as the kids call them: Butt Goat, Nice Goat and Starved Goat) turned out to be quite skillful escape artists and so we spent quite a bit of time rounding them up and juryrigging the gate shut so that Merriment(Butt Goat) couldn’t eat ALL the hay.


Not to mention calming the hyper young german shepherd, Savannah(and cleaning up poop-not my favorite part). She spends much of her time locked in the laundry room, so she’s VERY ENTHUSIASTIC when let out. Luckily, our group included some avid dog fans, so she was well taken care of, even if she did still spend much of her time watching(~pantwhinepant~) the ladder for the poor cat which hardly ever comes downstairs, except to make a mad dash for the kitchen loft where her food is.

The kids had a great time feeding the chickens(Rowan practically adopted them) and ducks and we all enjoyed wrangling the goats and petting Velvet, the donkey, who seemed a bit depressed this time around.

It was lovely to get ‘lost’ in the forest, which is honeycombed with paths to yurts and cabins and farmsteads. We also took a day trip out the Double Bluff Beach and there was much sliding down bluffs,


log walking, admiring clay bastions, stacking rocks(on Delayne’s part) and I made a very odd cliff creature in the sand/clay/sandstone bluff. Most of the oddness due to the act that the head I was carving kept shifting and falling off. :) Oh well, it was fun.

Our feast was splendid and abundant. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed ‘taters, Rita’s amazing juiced orange sweet potatoes, cider…

(possibly a little too much cider?) :)

garden pumpkin and Ben’s delicious gravy(made at the risk of his life and to the detriment of his pants). :)


Dessert was a most delicious triple berry pie that Delayne and I found at a sweet bakery in Langley. He and I had a lovely little browse in an amazing import store there. They have gorgeous rugs, bizarrely cool hats, exquisite gemstone jewelry and these ginormous chairs carved from whole old growth tree trunks-all smooth oiled wood loveliness. I absolutely lOVE them. If I had a few extra thousand smackers, I’da brought one home for sure. As it was, I rang every bell in the place and brought three of the sweet little ones home. Amazing, hand beaten metal bells from India-they all have different tones and I chose the sweetest three of all the little ones.

Aaaaaaaaaah, such a marvelous time. More pics of farmy goodness and all our adventures here.

I’m so lucky to have such brizilliant friends and family.