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Ten massages in two days

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

is a bit much. I is tired.

‘nite all.

Sacral vibrations

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

I needed me some red tent style loving touch tonight, so I got a colleague to work on my hard-menstruating tummy and back…

When she was done with the yummy(ooooooh, more, more, moooooooore-my sacrum’s such a massage whore!) oil n rubbing part, she pulled out her tuning forks and gave me some gooooooood vibrations. Very, very cool.

Got the bones thrumming a happy tune.

I didn’t even mind waiting at the bustop for the danged 71 to arrive, it gave me time to stretch, appreciate my fluidity and contribute to a Pagliacci breadstick dinner for two pretty streetgirlz and their longleggedy, jacket-wearing dog.

I made the world a little bit safer tonight

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

By massaging a police officer.

Sidearms are so not good for the back… But she left a happier, relaxed cop.


Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Funny how different the world looks when you’re dogass tired.

This weekend I was all wired and inspired by Shambala class. I was so delighted by my fellow students and teachers and their earnest stories of meditation, struggles and discoveries.

Now I’m just so damn tired and grouchy, it’s hard to put any umph behind my smile when people talk to me. Working with clients is much harder in this sloggy, soggy mood.

My last one surprised me though. He was a big ol’ flabby fella. Sad to say, I kind of mentally groaned as I assessed him, thinking of the work of kneading through his flesh to his muscles…

He was quite astonished that my foot massage didn’t tickle his very ticklesome feet-slow and firm always does the trick, I assured him. He came across so sweet and humble, grateful and soft-spoken. I felt downright ashamed of my earlier crabby ‘tude. He fell asleep whilst I worked his neck(I almost did too!) and suddenly, startled awake: ‘I was dreaming!’ He exclaimed, delighted. We had a nice quiet time talking about cranio sacral, while I gently teased the knots out of his neck.

One more to go and I can go home and climb right into bed for some attitudinal restoration. That’s all I want now.


Ninja oil bottle

Friday, January 20th, 2006

In the middle of a massage today, I set the bottle on the heater-it slid off the edge, leapt to the floor and executed a triple(I swear!) flip, did a little dance and landed upright amidst the splatter of oil on the floor!

The client had her eyes closed, but I was awestruck.

Way to brighten my rainy day

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

I have an enthusiastic new chief of marketing.

I gave an achey woman an hour and a half of Zanssage today. When I ended-with that magic little cranio sacral neck traction technique that I love so much, she sighed a nice, long, relaxed sigh and said:

‘That was the most healing massage I have ever received.’ Aww…(color me pink) Client compliments like that really make my day. I told her to feel free to spread my cards far and wide and she said she’d be my new chief of marketing.


Longass day

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

Hoo boy, I was at work from 9am to 9pm today.

Lucky for my protesting muscles, it wasn’t all massage. Ya’ll will be relieved to know the world is a safer place-I now know how to resuscitate a plastic dummy.


CPR, it’s a life-saver. My co-workers are as goofy as me(well, nearly), so we actually had a pretty good time. Did you know there’s this magic gel stuff that turns vomit into scoopable solids? Just like kitty litter!

I was doing a bang-up job of playing non-responsive, unconscious victim(not too hard when you’re a tired lazybutt like moi), when my ‘rescuer’ K, checked my necklace for medical tags… ‘Hey, she’s got the Goddess-we have to call the Goddess for this one!’ Hee, what a cutie.

Luckily our teacher had a good sense of humor, although it cracks me up that they can show those videos with a straight face-all those avid rescuers with their handy-dandy blue kits raring to go, goggles, rubber gloves, gauze, mouth dams and all.

Sheesh. I can’t imagine manifesting such preparedness, I mean, hey I can do the compressions and the mouth to mouth, but somehow I think I’d end up pressing the wound with my t-shirt and wiping the blood on my pants.

Hmmph… Don’t go getting into any major accidents around me, ‘k? T’wouldn’t be pretty.

The fine art of massage

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

rubbing the river

I’m an artist, a sculptor, a painter, a massage therapist… Sometimes I get a little mixed up.

Is it art, or massage?

It all comes from the same place anyway, my hands, my head, my heart.

Let’s hear it for my lovely model, Josh!