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Doin’ the Obama happy dance!

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Ever since tuesday evening, I’ve been floating on the delightful feeling of having a president who is:

1. Intelligent
2. Informed
3. Capable
5. Open minded
6. Celebrates diversity
7. Did I mention NOT STUPID?
8. Actually gives a shit about people and the planet.
9. Is not a war monger
10. Is not likely to humiliate us every goddamn time he opens his mouth on the world stage.

God, it’s like xmas came early this year! Woohoooooooo! Election night, Sam and I were so happy we celebrated our new president by melting chocolate chips on waffles, drinking kombucha, doin’ the presidential happy dance~


~and generally being on goofy cloud nine.


Saturday, November 8th, 2008


Cat let out his inner devil and took Sam along for the ride this Halloween. Luckily, our kitchen is round, so I cast a protective circle of chocolate chips to keep them at bay. It worked for Sam anyway-perhaps I should try kibbles next time as well..

Halloween weekend rocked too-Delayne came down and we partied like mad gypsy devils.


First, with Rachael on friday night at the Church of Bass and then with Rita and Ben at the Metaphorest.


AAAAIIEEEEEE! My eyes!!! They really tag teamed the Visual Assault costumes. :)

More halloweeny pics here.

To add to all the yumminess, Yoni popped up again, with his lovely new friend, Maya. We had the bestest time snuggling our sunday morning away and then bustin’ ass to help my momma move a desk.. Well, mostly Maya and I ‘helped’ by giggling, skipping and scoping out the boys as they moved the desk, but we did carry the top of it in, so I call assbustin’ props. :)

Then mom read tarot for Yoni and Maya read Yantra cards(her very own tarot deck!) for me.

A weekend of the very finest. Sigh, I have the most deliciousest of friends ever!


Parving cumpkins

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Aside from the stoopid chicken pox episode, it’s been a fabulous few weeks. My dear friend Yoni flew in from Ireland-well, he’s been living in England mostly lately, but did a sweet sojourn in the isle of Guinness-to visit.

Yay! Sure missed ‘im. It was so good to catch up on everything and see his cool pics of Avalon. Ooooooh.

I had to postpone my Knotty Lingerie party due to Sam’s itchypoxybadness, so instead, Ms Rowan came over and we hung out and laptopped and laughed our butts off. Then, sunday, we had a passel of friends over for pumpkin madness!

Yoni made punkin soup, Rita brought punkin cookies, Ben made punkin pie and we all scooped the guts out of a buncha punkins and made loverly lanterns.


Flickr’d pics here.

Happy birthday Rita!

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

My dear friend Rita had an awesome birthday bash on friday. Ben’s deluxe homemade sourdough pizza, tons of other delicious foody goodness, great conversations, high-flying trampoline madness, musical mayhem, repeated attempts to get Ben’s pants off, spanking lessons, much massage goodness(including lessons on nape-biting, one of my favorite non-professional techniques), and snuggle puddle heaven ensued.

Ah, birthday delights.

We partied into the wee hours and then many of us crashed overnight with intentions to attend the Fremont Solstice Parade in the morning sans the madness of fair-goer traffic congestion and parking.

I will give the parade it’s own separate post, but this


was on our walk home to Rita and Ben’s house. There’s a very steep Monetesque(huh, -esquing doesn’t work as well with those silly french silent consonants) sidewalk that Sam likes to march up, so they stalked me all the way up.

The madfunny stalking progression here.

Bad costumes, Good pizza!

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Ben and Rita had a ridiculously fun party last night.

The theme was terrible costumes and great homemade pizza. Ben used his amazing sourdough to create the pizza crust and we all brought a multitude of yummy toppings.


Sam and I had a blast dressing up hideously for the event, as you can see. We fit in smashingly with the rest of the fashion atrocities.


When we weren’t sucking Ben(spiffy turquoise slacks and all) into the puppy puddle on the couch, Sam persuaded Rita to spend much of the evening boinging on the giant trampoline behind the house, extravagantly topped pizzas kept popping out of the oven, a crazy cacophonous jam session developed in the music room and we held a nun chucking tower demolition in the living room.

A most excellent party. More pics…


Invoking Drala

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

My show opened last weekend. It was glorious and fun and delicious.


So cool to see all the paintings and sculptures I’ve been working on all spring proudly sprouting up on the walls next to Sophie’s haunting impressions of dilapidated industrial spaces. So wonderful to be surrounded by my friends and community.

I’m a lucky girl.

The performances were awesome, passionate and inspiring. My momma read my favorite poem of hers while Maris played the flute and Jean danced. My chi gong/meditation/massage teacher, Svadesh honored me with a participational chant and a reading on the Tonal. Cody and Amy danced a delightful, hilarious routine on love and bologna sandwiches, Alex and Vanessa did a wild yearning butoh piece, Courtnee sang her lovely Last Breath song and Jean finished us up with another gorgeous dance. The food was luscious and abundant(thanks Kim!)-indeed, so abundant that we’ve been eating it happily all week! :) Mmmm… Cherries and chocolate.

Yay for creative friends! Thank you all SO MUCH! I love you.

Oh, and I read my artist poem:

I’m an artist.
Or so i remind myself
when i get those looks.

Wrinkling with incomprehension
as things fall out of my mouth
in less than discernable order.

It’s all grippable though,
I have to believe that, even if
so much fertility is hard to handle.

Winter’s frozen poetry thaws
on my tongue, trickling a thin line,
tart and sweet across the canvas.

Big, strong, veiny hands spreading,
stroking, caught in their
fervent reverie.

The squirming painful surges
every bit as dynamic as
pleasures hottest urges.

Don’t worry my bones into
a semblance of sense,
just look, touch, taste…

Soak it up or leave it
flapping vexatiously in the periphery
of your week’s routine.

Until you’re ready to yield
some part of yourself,
some of that nagging conviction perhaps?

Don’t fret, you can always snatch
it up and put it on again
(if it’s not too tight).

Take my hand for a moment,
Perhaps it will help to know
I’m here too.

Playing in the dark.

There was much art viewing, mingling and sparkling conversation, I sold three paintings(woot!), we cleaned up(hurray for Delayne , king of dishes and humming), goofed off and then, came home and had a wonderful bonfire party! D got the fire blazing whilst I threw together a lamb spaghetti sauce and pasta(I’m told I can’t call it spaghetti iffen it’s not actually spaghetti noodles) dinner and we all toasted our toes, drank sake and port and told silly jokes(really silly-we had to ban poop as a subject-much to Jason’s chagrin).

More show pics here.

Beltaine beauties

Monday, May 5th, 2008

My friend Danni asked me to do a bodypainting performance(or two, or three…) at a fabulous fundraiser party she put together for Bloop last weekend!

Woot! What a party! Trays of lobster, smoked salmon and fine chocolates floated about, the music was awesome, the drinks amazing and truly libidinous, the dance floor was rockin’ and there was massage and all kinds of snuggly, kissin’ corners as Bloop is famous for… ;)

It was so much fun to bodypaint to the delicious sounds of Heather on the harp and John on cello, plus some foxy, stripey girl who joined in all impromptulicious on her violin. :)

Rita was my first victim(sorry the lighting is gawdawful).


Then later on, after we’d liberally sampled the loverly cocktails, it was time for Matt and Eva to step up-so much fun to paint a couple together! They swiftly became Beltaine cherry trees and Molly read a scientifically sexy poem while I added the finishing touches-embellishing Eva’s nipple ring barbells with cherry red paint. :)


Much dancing later, Chris caught me on my way towards the door, a sweet thing in his wake, begging for paint… I couldn’t leave a lovely lady unsatisfied, so Cicci got her beltaine fire(again, the lighting sucked for pictures.. Sorry) lit.


More beautiful beltaine bodies here.

Aaaah, Artathon.

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008


The LRS Artathon was so delicious, dazzling, fun and fulfilling. I painted(canvases and bodies), sculpted, danced, snuggled, met awesome artists, gaped at gorgeous/hilarious performances, savoured scrumptious Kim snacks and generally foxed and frolicked the night away.

Two major bodypaintings emerged-the first was truly a first, Jim bound Sophia in a terribly sacriligious and sexy crucifixion-like suspension. So, I painted her while she hung from the ceiling! It was intense and despite my nefarious tendency to enjoy the squeals(nobody squeals like Sophie) she made as the cold paint went on, the experience underlined my serious lack of topness. ;) Still waiting on the pretty, pretty pics from the folks who took ‘em.

The second was one of my very favorite moments, Rita and I’d crashed out in the warm heights of the DJ loft around 4am… We woke up all snugglyhappy a little before 8, to early morning sounds of sleepy conversations, grinned happily at each other, hopped down the ladder, gathered my paints and took over the main stage for a lovely, dreamy Fire and Water bodypainting session while Donn played guitar and sang us accompaniment.


So luscious.


Thank you Rita, lovely Rita. And thank you, succulent Sophia and Jim and Kim(damn that mango salsa was the bomb!) and Lucy and Cher and Courtnee(so good to see you radiant and blooming) and Kerry and Clayton… To all the wonderful people I shared precious, inspired moments with and of course to Jeff-our rockin’ chieftain!

Bummed I missed the closing ceremony, but I had a nice goofy sunday evening at home with silly, awesome kids and I just felt so juiced and ‘xhausted at the same time. A particularly delightful feeling of tired and wired and just so GODDAMN HAPPY to know you’re all out there doing your wacky, wild, wonderful thing.

More salacious dreams of fire and water here.

Iceking and Crabqueen

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I pried myself away from my mad painting frenzy for a sweet weekend tryst with the Ice King.

We wandered beaches, defied hail and snow, scrambled up rocky rooty cliffs, stood giant driftwood snags on end,


worshipped gnarled trees, majestic waterfalls, tangled roots, each other… Rolled kegs around all weekend, wandered through scarey shopping malls vainly searching for tubs, made a water-catching frame

ice mask

to hold his gorgeous ice mask, movie-snuggled, sang, danced, partied, ate sushi and gigantic omelets, discovered that his new bedframe squeaks like a pirate ship in a hurricane.. and abandoned it for a sunny, mossy, snowy mountainside. :)

Oh, and since someone forgot to mention that the party was a masquerade, I haphazardly cobbled together a mask out of a crabshell and other beach flotsam.. Fortunately, they had mask blanks available at the party.

crab mask

Aaaarh! Good times, excellent inspiration..

-Back to work now, much twisty turny rooty dryadic goodness to paint!


Oh, more pics flickring here.

Sculptress Oracle

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Don’t miss SEAF this year. March 1st at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, I, the Omniscient and Terrible Oracle Sculptress will bring the myth of Apollo and Daphne to life, or rather to living stone.

I’ll be turning my foxy friends Cody, Paul and Sharon into statues to portray Apollo, Daphne and Artemis and posing them in eye-bewitching tableaux to illustrate the tragic and beautiful story.

Our piece will start around 6pm (when doors open) and last for an hour or so.

Following our delicious clay-spattered performance, Cody and Paul will(her words): ‘turn each other BACK into the FLESH! and perform WEIRD and BEAUTIFUL erotic rituals on one another! we will use officially verified *sacred items* such as a birds nest! TWIGS! 100 red ribbons! and a *seriously spiritual* pitcher of heavy cream with fresh fruit! yes YES you can come see these particular items and more!!’

How could you possibly forgive yourself if you missed out on such solemn, glorious mayhem?

Luckily, it turns out thrift store shopping for Greek deities is really not that difficult. I picked up ever so many cute little greek-looking tunicy thingies today at Value Village.

Woohoooooo! I can’t wait!