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Once upon a snowy xmas..

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

‘Twas a lovely snowy xmas, with much loot, sledding, feasting, mayhem and merrimaking.


More pics here.

Wall of Awesome

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

The new Mountaineers climbing wall at Magnusson is extremely cool.


So extremely cool, in fact that it utterly defeated Sam and I.


Oh wells, we had fun goggling at it and chasing the resident crow away from our leftovers until he wickedly spilled both of our sodas in vengeance.. Then I took him(Sam, not the mettlesome corvid) to the Brig(where I teach clay class) and showed him the cool whale sculpture and the pea patch and we ate lots of raspberries and then went on a gelato procuring mission, starting with the kidnapping of BB so that she could come eat gelato and go walkies at Greenlake. :)

More wall, whale and walkies pics here.

Doin’ the Obama happy dance!

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Ever since tuesday evening, I’ve been floating on the delightful feeling of having a president who is:

1. Intelligent
2. Informed
3. Capable
5. Open minded
6. Celebrates diversity
7. Did I mention NOT STUPID?
8. Actually gives a shit about people and the planet.
9. Is not a war monger
10. Is not likely to humiliate us every goddamn time he opens his mouth on the world stage.

God, it’s like xmas came early this year! Woohoooooooo! Election night, Sam and I were so happy we celebrated our new president by melting chocolate chips on waffles, drinking kombucha, doin’ the presidential happy dance~


~and generally being on goofy cloud nine.


Saturday, November 8th, 2008


Cat let out his inner devil and took Sam along for the ride this Halloween. Luckily, our kitchen is round, so I cast a protective circle of chocolate chips to keep them at bay. It worked for Sam anyway-perhaps I should try kibbles next time as well..

Halloween weekend rocked too-Delayne came down and we partied like mad gypsy devils.


First, with Rachael on friday night at the Church of Bass and then with Rita and Ben at the Metaphorest.


AAAAIIEEEEEE! My eyes!!! They really tag teamed the Visual Assault costumes. :)

More halloweeny pics here.

To add to all the yumminess, Yoni popped up again, with his lovely new friend, Maya. We had the bestest time snuggling our sunday morning away and then bustin’ ass to help my momma move a desk.. Well, mostly Maya and I ‘helped’ by giggling, skipping and scoping out the boys as they moved the desk, but we did carry the top of it in, so I call assbustin’ props. :)

Then mom read tarot for Yoni and Maya read Yantra cards(her very own tarot deck!) for me.

A weekend of the very finest. Sigh, I have the most deliciousest of friends ever!


Volunteer park

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

is ablaze with brilliant dahlias right now.

Sam, Delayne and I had a great time romping about there, snapping photos of the lovely fleurs, making strange, hollow music in the tower, lounging on the wierd dinosaur vertabrae-like sculpture in the playground, napping in trees…


..or on camels..


I absolutely adore this picture. Straight out of a story book, ’tis.

We had so much fun. See?



Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Chicken pox, I keel you ten thousand times!

Or maybe I should say, secondary infections, I keel you, you gross, nasty, mean, opportunistic little bastards. :(

Poor Sam, not fun having your already sore, itchy blisters scrubbed. Sometimes being a momma’s just meanness incorporated.


So much to blog about..

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

..but the boy’s got chicken pox, so it’ll just have to pile up until he’s off to his dad’s for the week.

Back to stacks of movies and books and my spot-spangled boy-


Monday, September 8th, 2008


Sam’s dancing people–created from one square of paper, no cuts, no tape, at the farm.

A few months ago I found a book of wierd, amazing and ridiculous origami and Sam has been working on them as his skilz increase. He also made the dragon and interlocking rings and the invisible duck-although he didn’t have any invisible paper, so the duck, unfortunately, can be seen and looks more like a wobbly baby dragon.

Goats and chickens and the sweetest donkey ever.

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Sam and I had a lovely weekend staying at a little farm on Whidbey Island.

We met Velvet,

sweet jenny

a very sweet jenny(female donkey), a bunch of buttheaded goats, chickens, ducks, an overwhelmingly enthusiastic young german shepherd named Savannah and a sweet kitty whose loft-leaping prowess has been sharpened to ninja-worthy extremes by Savannah’s ebullience.

Many thanks to Ginger, Delayney and Caden for sharing their beautiful place with us. It’s a gorgeous cabin and the loft was very cozy and happily for Sam, the dog could not climb ladders. :) Sam and Caden had a ton of fun bouncing madly on the giant trampoline out back.

Whidbey is beautiful too. We browsed the Langley galleries with their gorgeous bronze animals, awesome carved wood thrones and glass menageries and spent long, luscious afternoons on the beaches.

I made a sand dreamer


and Sam and I created a fort with three entrances and three bridges to reach the tunnels in the outer walls..


Beware the catapults of doom!

‘Twere a loverly weekend, capped off with a waffle(to the joy of my waffle-crazy boy) brunch in Langley on our way home.

Not so lovely to come home to clouds of flies hiding out in my eyrie and corpses all over the kitchen! Apparently Sophie waged war against the midges while we were gone and the ones that didn’t get bombed to death all flew upstairs. Gack.

More pics here. Of the trip, not the fly massacre.


Another level of Samness

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

(click-yeah, to embiggen)

This one Sam created as a game level. Not exactly really. He says he just copied it, except he added some stuff.

I think it’s cool anyway.