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So tight it looks like it’s painted on..

Friday, October 24th, 2008


Oh, wait a minute, it is! :)

I painted this hot little number on the exquisite Miss Rita at the last Little Red Studio Gold Show. It was so totally hot-even if it did take a bazillion hours to create all the lace on the stockings. :)


See all the purty lacey pictures here.

A delicious week

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Stoneboy came down and stayed with me for a whole frickin’ week!

He had a stone work symposium to attend down hereabouts and sculptures to work on for his upcoming gallery show(WOOOT!)..


So he had a lot to do, but we found time for lots o’ fun too and it was a marvelous thing to just do the silly little everyday boy/girlfriendly things that we generally miss out on, being citizens of different countries and all.

There was much beach time, cuddling, playing crazy ninja snuggle-monkeys with Sam, reading each other stories, lazing in the sun, cooking, eating, ‘xplorin’ parks, hanging with friends(who now believe he actually exists-isn’t merely a figment of my fertile imagination) and he even turned my mattress over-


-erph! Of course, for such an heroic effort, I had to reward him:


As only a bad faerie can. ;)

A thoroughly enjoyable week. Too long ago, now.

Damn I miss that boy.

A glory of sand

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Had a sweet, sweet weekend up in Vancouver.

Delayne was carving sand into a rollercoaster for the PNE and I got to assist him and meet the rest of the team-what a great, goofy, talented bunch! It was so fun, the sand is amazing-so fine and silty and perfect for shaping. It holds it’s form exquisitely too. Such a joy to work with and so cool to learn new techniques and use all the clever tools(other than my own two hands!).

We made a little forest on the side of the rollercoaster, which I populated with birds and a rabbit.


Unfortunately, I was too absorbed to take many pictures, but Delayne snapped some, so hopefully he will get ‘em to me(nudge, nudge) and I’ll show y’alls later.

Despite an SUV vs. train wreck that caused my bus to sit(with me in it) for TWO HOURS at the King St Station before departing, much drenching rain and a certain lack of privacy(ahem), it was a succulent and rejuvenating trip and I daydreamed of sandy goodness, of smooth jazz and salty, sun-bronzed muscles, of the superfox waitress serving us luscious mussels in her tiny, slinky, sequined, suspendered minidress while we kissed and spun tales, all the long busride home.

Man, oh man, I needed that.

Life is gooooooood.


The Great Debraiding

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

My Bad Fairy Dreads were fun an’ all,

(click to embiggen)

but it’s high summer and they were hot as hell, heavy and itchy. They had to come off! Luckily, I know some excellent debraiders. :} Soon, Rita and Sam had me lopped down to size:

(click to enlarge)

Then the great unbraiding began and with Ben’s nimble fingers coming to our rescue at the last moment, when Rita and I were reeling in a hairy delerium, my poor tortured frizzy head of doom emerged at last.

(click to expand teh frizzy head of doom)

OMFG it felt heavenly to scratch my scalp! And wash my hair. Phewph. I love having crazy long wild wanton she devil extensions, but there’s a reason I only do shit like this once a year. :)

My poor traumatized hair. I decided it was time for a mercy killing.

(click to maximize my cute bobness)

Ah, the short summer bob.

Bad Faeries and huckleberries

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Faerie Worlds was aswarm in fairies of all sorts, including Rita and I-the baddest of the Bad Faeries. ;)


We had a seriously good time camping too. Lucked out on campgrounds-first Triangle Lake, though purported to be a mere ten minutes from the festival rather than the half hour twisty turny drive it turned out to be! However, our river bank tent nest, cozily tucked into the most abundantly laden huckleberry bushes I’ve ever laid mouth on, more than made up for the distance.


We camped there with my friends Kevin and Seb and even though we didn’t see them as much as we’d've liked, much fun was had when we did.. Kevin adventured up the river and discovered an awesome natural water slide and miles of gigantic moss-upholstered boulder-strewn river, perfect for clambering over and splashing in.

Flickr’d pictures(including more bad faerie hawtness) here.

Seb donned her amazing homemade antlers, which so goggled Sam with their nigh invisible attachment that she let him steal them for a while.


Definitely going to have to make him a set. :)

There’s only so much fairy-watching and strolling nonchalantly about looking badassedly hot one can do however, so we took off on the third day and drove through the mountains to one of my favorite places on earth-Breitenbush Hotsprings.

We arrived in time for dinner, but unfortunately, they’re sticklers for day use timeliness and we only got to steal a half hour in the springs. Sigh. Still, loverly lusciousness.

We stayed at Cleator Bend campground right next door, another beautiful riverside spot. This time one of those wonderful glacial torrents that beats stones into deliciously smooth, eminently stackable ovals. Rita has all the pics of my stacks on her camera(not to mention our skinny-dipping naiad shoot), so you’ll have to wait ’til she has time to process ‘em to see.

Aaaaaah, such a glorious world we live in.

Above and beyond the call of beauty.

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo tired. Rita and I have stayed up to the wee hours the last two nights putting two foot long red and black extensions in our hair.

We’re going to the the hottest Bad Faeries at Faerie Worlds! Mwahahahahaha!

Don’t worry, there will be lots of pictures.


Beltaine beauties

Monday, May 5th, 2008

My friend Danni asked me to do a bodypainting performance(or two, or three…) at a fabulous fundraiser party she put together for Bloop last weekend!

Woot! What a party! Trays of lobster, smoked salmon and fine chocolates floated about, the music was awesome, the drinks amazing and truly libidinous, the dance floor was rockin’ and there was massage and all kinds of snuggly, kissin’ corners as Bloop is famous for… ;)

It was so much fun to bodypaint to the delicious sounds of Heather on the harp and John on cello, plus some foxy, stripey girl who joined in all impromptulicious on her violin. :)

Rita was my first victim(sorry the lighting is gawdawful).


Then later on, after we’d liberally sampled the loverly cocktails, it was time for Matt and Eva to step up-so much fun to paint a couple together! They swiftly became Beltaine cherry trees and Molly read a scientifically sexy poem while I added the finishing touches-embellishing Eva’s nipple ring barbells with cherry red paint. :)


Much dancing later, Chris caught me on my way towards the door, a sweet thing in his wake, begging for paint… I couldn’t leave a lovely lady unsatisfied, so Cicci got her beltaine fire(again, the lighting sucked for pictures.. Sorry) lit.


More beautiful beltaine bodies here.

Birthday delights

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

I may be one dirtass po’ starvin’ artist, but I’m richer than Gates and Buffett put together when it comes to sterling friends, precious family, sparklovely gifts and… Lovely, blank white canvases aching to be splooshed with luscious color-thanks to my rockin’ momma!

My birthday eve, I celebrated butohlisciously with my kickass girlfriends Cody, Sharon and Rita-and Sheri, somewhat vicariously, as she was fully in butoh mode and probably didn’t even know I was there. :) Love you Sheri, you are a truly amazing dancer.


We wandered around the downtown artwalk scene, committing impromptu acts of streetcorner performance brilliance(Go Sharon!) yakkin’, debating the mostly dubious merits of the dismayingly popular buttplugugly art and taking random pictures perched in strange places.


Aaaah… Sweet girl time.

Today, the actual day that my long-suffering momma pushed me out into this bizarre world as my anxious sister grated the heads off of the roses my dad bought against the hospital wall, I painted and painted and painted! Yayz! Then I ran out of canvas..

..An’ my generous momma took me to the art store where I piled mountains of pretty white squares and rectangles on our cart, all innocently agleam in their shiney plastic wrap, waiting in eager anticipation, or perhaps, silent trepidation for me to take them home and despoil them.


I am one lucky, lucky woman.


Thank you all, for the birthday love.

SEAFy goodness

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Our performance at SEAF was incredibly beautiful, if terribly chilly for my brave God and Goddesses.

(photo cred to Donald Holman)

What a scrumptious evening, all sorts of mad delicious artifying, crazy costumes and outrageous dancing. Plus my foxy Snow King(no, he’s not a frog) made it back into town for a sweet little visit, after all his perilous icey adventures.

All in all, a delicious week.

If you don’t mind digging through all the other lovely performances, you can find more pics here. :)

Squamish is beautiful.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

(click on pics to see larger)



silver wood







Mo’ pics.