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June 05, 2005
slug, dirt and kitty prickle-butt-stick salad

as soon as Sam stops exploding we are going to go outside and harvest some salad for dinner.

I tried to tie his blasterfingers together with a nice long hair after my not so deft but extremely vociferous(tang! tching! tang, tang, RYAAAAAH!!-yes, we've been reading a lot of Usagi Yojimbo lately, in fact I'm now an authority on death rattles provoked by a swordslit to the gullet) samurai sword defense strategy failed, but somehow my clever plan went astray and he kept shooting at me with those darn ballistic fingers anyway.

Maybe I should just sit on him. That usually works.

We'd better get out there before it gets too dark to see, or we won't be eating lettuce, spinach and radishes in our salad...


Straight from the Queen's mouth. Sayeth rzan at 06:27 PM

PRICKLE BUTT STICKS! May all cats fear the wrath, and SHIT NOT on the magnificent garden of Zan.

Sayeth Daniel Talsky
     on June 5, 2005 11:00 PM

ah... if only it were so.

even with the formidable power of kittypricklebuttsticks, they manage to poop up a corner or two.


Sayeth Zan
     on June 5, 2005 11:06 PM
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