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October 07, 2005
ooooh my aching digits...

I think my thumbs are going to fall off!

One of my clients tonight had an injury, developing scar tissue and she asked for 45 minutes of cross fiber friction(a massage technique that pretty much consists of applying tiny, hard, back-and-forth strokes with ones thumbs over and over again)!

I gave her 20, but it was still pretty heavy duty. Po' thumblies.

Then I had one of my regulars, a big dude, come in for his usual hour and a half-man, I thought I was going to die!

Whew. I survived though and was rejuvenated by an awfully sweet compliment. My client told me I'd spoiled him for other massage therapists-I'm the only one he'll see!

I think I blushed.

Not to be outdone by any uppity thumbs, my little toe is positively screaming today... Last night about 1am I heard the mini kiwis calling me from their clear plastic box, with their sweetest, tiny, seductive, juicey, sweet, tart comeons, so I stumbled(literally) towards the kitchen and WHAM!-slammed right into the boombox sitting unobtrusively against the hall wall. It doesn't LOOK too bad, but it feels about as big and purple as a ripe plum.

Ow. Stupid kiwis.

I'll be glad to go home tonight, even if only to pack for our trip to Victoria tomorrow.

I'm taking Sam up on the Clipper... It's supposed to be a pretty fast boat, perhaps it'll rekindle his interest in things boatish.

Lately it's all about spaceships and transformers.

I got him a set to keep his active little fingers busy while I read to him at night. He loves to hear the stories but if he doesn't have something to occupy those wigglers, the wiggle spreads to his whole body and then explodes all over the bed and I have to roar!

It's simply not conducive to reading.

But the transformers are working wonders.


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