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October 14, 2005

well folks,

all good things must end and loverzan's time has come to fade away, like a good magical queendom, into history and the archives of...

My brand new bouncing baby blog, Breaking Sod!

So long, sweet Loverzan, three years of love, loss, joy, grief, art, humor and gardening have I spent in thy wondrous realm and I shall miss the gleaming towers, the unicorn, dragon and mighty goddess guardian.

Goodbye too, with much love and many thanks to my generous host and erstwhile fiance, Daniel Talsky, who created this beautiful place for me to express myself and has hosted and administered and geekwizarded for me all these years, despite much frusticating angst. You will always be family.

And of course, to my dear readers, one and all:

Thank you so very much for sharing my stories and inspirations and silliness. It's been loverly.

Come help me break the sod and grow a whole new world-don't be afraid to dig in-the love is still there.


Love y'all,

Straight from the Queen's mouth. Sayeth rzan at 11:57 PM
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