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September 28, 2002
oh the injustice!

going to school on the weekend. Whose bright idea was that?

There's a reason I'm in night school. It's because Rzanimals like me are not meant to be up and around before 9am, especially on a Saturday morning.

Rudely ripped out of peaceful slumber by the LOUDASS static of the radio alarm, I drag my butt out of bed, tearing myself away from the warm soft furry naked heaven of my beloved. After this wrenching, Herculean effort, I try to focus enough to remember all the things I needed to bring. Sheets, books, lunch, practice log, lunch... Then my friend Jessica arrives, rumpled but sparkling and we're off.

I'm always startled by how many people are out and about, clearly awake and functioning normally. Morning people... Not me, I feel oddly displaced, like a life form from another planet trying to remain undiscovered, going through the motions of being a normal human early morning bustler. Luckily Jessica's a night owl too, so we just babble at each other and laugh happily without really feeling the need to follow our conversational subjects all that closely.

Fortunately for us, class is fun. Particularly today, the morning was Somatic Presence. We got to lie on the floor, dance, chat, and be held in the loving attention of our classmates. Yeah, I dig massage school.

Then we got learned about ethics. Things like confidentiality, moral terpitude, and conduct becoming a massage therapist. No, we don't have sex with clients, it's not that kind of massage. You'd think folks would know that already, but I guess "massage" parlors still abound, even though it's illegal for them to use that word.

Massage is a healing feast for the senses. It's sensual, NOT sexual. You have to create a safe place for that. Somewhere people can be naked(under the sheets) and feel completely comfortable. Touching people is a beautiful thing when done with skillful professional care and clear intent.

I guess you have to learn how to say NO too.

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giggling kids

it's amazing, the high-pitched squeals of amusement these kids can make. Sometimes it sounds more like excruciating pain but really they are wild with excitement over some joke that is totally incomprehensible to us adults.

Samadhi(Sam) my near five year old son, and his best bud Rowan(six) have these intricate, ever changing games. Right now it's all about recycling. The truck goes all over the house making pickups and dumpoffs. The game always has lots of permutations, the rules change constantly, rather like the dreaded Calvinball from Calvin and Hobbes(one of Sams favorite books-you wouldn't think at less than five years he'd understand it, but it really cracks him up, maybe just 'cause Calvin says cool stuff like "stupid garbagehead").

Another favorite game is "litterbox". In this one, they're kitties, and they assemble various containers-pots, baskets, etc. These are the litterboxes and there are all sorts of rules as to who uses the litterbox and what each one is for(pooping, peeing...) A lot of perching and "Rowan, I'm pooping" "Cool, Sam I'm peeing" "Not in that one! That's only for poops" goes on, I don't get it, but they seem quite transported with delight by this. I guess I'm getting pretty old, the days when words like poop and fart were just SOOO hilarious are long gone.

Sigh... Now I just laugh at my kid.

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September 27, 2002

I needed my own blog. I told Daniel I didn't have time to devote to the temptation of blogging, "I'm not ready yet!" I think I recall saying a few days ago. So when he announced that I now had my own blog, I was a mite surprised.

Hey, It's friday night, I've got miles to go before I sleep-miles of homework that is. I have massage seminar all weekend, not to mention a quiz on monday that I haven't even begun to study for. I've been too busy giving massages to study, dang it all. But don't get me wrong. I'm not really complaining, I LOVE school!

It's soooo fun learning how to REALLY give good, skilled, juicy massage love. To actually know just how specific touches can effect the body, how everythings put together, what's really going on under the smooth cover of the skin. I've always loved to massage people and it's just TOO exciting to learn all those yummy techniques that I've enjoyed receiving from others.

I also gotta glaze some sculptures tonight. I've been promising Jim I'd finish his primitive man soon and it's time to make good.

I'm also babysitting this weekend (inbetween seminars) in a feeble attempt to get my bills paid...

And I'm searching for a new housemate, 'cause (SOB!...Waaaah!) Cara is moving out.

So why am I blogging instead of attending to this overwhelming pile of to-dos?

Well, frankly I couldn't resist. My very own BLOG!


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September 24, 2002
birth of a bloggy

Well, I think it's about time I set up a blog for th' loverly miss rzan. Here it is. Not too pretty yet, but it works.

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