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February 27, 2003

I had so much fun today with my beautiful mama. After dropping off my self portrait at the SAW Gallery(see my previous post), we had tea and yummy food at the Blue Willow Teahouse on Capitol Hill. My mom got an I Ching, tarot, tealeaf and fengshui consultation with a nice lady who hangs out there offering her spiritual bonanza to all the tealovers.

Whilst they were immersed in tarot cards and other mystical paraphernalia, I ran over to Value Village and had ever so much fun trying on pretty, velvety, sparkly dresses. Mom joined me and I went home with a birthday haul! 5 lovely new dresses-one is for a friends birthday, but still, 4 for me is more flirty, fluffy stuff then I usually purchase for lil ol' me in a whole season!

I really need another woman in the house yo. I got home all excited with my armload of treasures and scarce got a glimmer of interest from the video game engrossed mens. Even Rowan hardly turned her head away from the glowing, beeping screen. Sigh...

I miss Cara and Terra. They'd have been all over me, oohing and ahhing and wanting to try stuff on.

Woohoo! I can't wait till the weather warms.

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I have a self portrait in a show! Check it out:

SAW Presents:
We Are Not Alone

The self-portrait group show

On March 7, over 70 artists will display their individual conceptions of the traditional theme: “self-portrait.” Curator Dan Ayala has asked that the works display “actual likeness” and be fresh. The submissions range from three-dimensional interactive art, to classical oil painting, and everywhere in between. The works will be on display from March 7 through 23.

This is the first juried show organized by Secluded Alley Works. The works will be judged by a panel led by Jed Dunkerley (of SAW), with Greg Lundgren (of Vital 5), Diana Adams (of Aftermath) and Jerry Jaz. Prizes will be awarded at 9pm on 3/7.

Participating artists include Jason Puccinelli, Amy Stevens, Casey Kelbaugh, Kipling West, Erin Norlin, more than 60 other Seattle artists, as well as Chris Cruz of San Fransisco and others from afar.

We Are Not Alone will also feature a “15 Minutes of Fame” corner where artists can show off their performance talents.

OPENING RECEPTION March 7, 7pm-12am.

Gallery Hours are Thursdays, 6-9pm, Saturday – Sunday 12-5pm.

Secluded Alley Works is located on 12th Ave, near the corner of Yesler.

113 12th Avenue, Seattle 98122

206.839.0880 //

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February 24, 2003
Vancouver BC

is a pretty city.

Sammy, D and I took the train up to visit my dad and family. It was yay fun.

Getting up at 6am was a bit of a stretch yo. Sam found it very weird that I woke him and Rowan up before it was even light out. "I'm not done seeing my dream!" he wailed. "it's not even a scarey one. I really want to see the rest of it." Apparently it was all about him and Rowan playing...

It's not too hard to get him on a train, though, trains have been a favorite with him since he was a wee bittie boy. I enjoyed snuggling and talking with him for hours as we gazed out the window and Daniel snoozed on the seat facing us.

My dad took us to the library in Vancouver. It's a stunning building-gigantic and built like the coliseum. You walk up the broad front steps and onto a promenade lined with coffehouses and shops to the right and the impressive glass side of the library on the left-everything is glass, so you can see right through, even under the floors! It's all warm pinkish granite tones and sweeping ceilings. Very impressive.

We took the Aquabus to Granville Island, these cute tiny ferryboats which buzz you across the inlet that seperates the city. Daniel decided he wants to be an Aquabus ferryman, they look so laidback and nimble hopping out onto the rim of the boat to guide it to the dock. I think he better keep his day job, I'm not convinced of his nimbleness after he bonebruised my hip in an attempt to carry me piggyback up a kids playground structure. Ow.

Sam got a bit frazzled on the way back-four hours on a train isn't quite so fun in the dark-but the dining car and drawing pictures with protractors helped. Finally, I'd run out of books and games, exhausted my store of trainsnacks and he was about to blow, so I turned him upside down and set him on the seat. He thought it was pretty cool to have the ceiling suddenly be the floor! Then Daniel took over, playing Sam like musical instruments. He loved that. The accordion and the tuba were my favorites.

It's nice to be home, even with a major kinesiology test on wednesday!

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February 20, 2003
mystery me

You are the mystery woman

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

Oh yeah, that's me. Raven-tresses, cleavage and all.

Thanks Oh Goddess Gina

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Lovely Rita

I dreamt of meter maids last night. Specifically, meter maids who were after Ben. He had this really cool Bond, Benjamin Franklin Bond, kinda car.

It was a metallic blue/silver convertible. He could either just convert the drivers side, and hop out all slick over the door, or the entire top could slide away.

Throughout the dream, as Daniel, Josh, Jess, Ben and I looked at a house that J and J wanted to buy, Ben kept getting calls on his cell phone-it was the police, looking for him. I tried to get him to shut it off so they wouldn't be able to triangulate his position, but he wanted to listen in and see how close they were.

Then we saw the meter maids on a nearby roof. Uhoh. We hoped Ben would keep his cool, but of course he had to sass them. One was a sexy-but-uptight lady, who didn't find it the least bit amusing when he called her Rita. They made him get out and open up the whole top, then they got in. Ben proceeded to pour a quart jar of honey onto the back seat. 'Rita' had these babypink low heeled pumps and they got all sticky (boy does my subconscious ever lay it on thick with the not-so-subtle sexual connotations, huh?).

Anyhow, I'm not sure how Ben got outta that one, but the rest of us proceeded to look at the house which was really cool. It had a large 2-car garage, already fitted out for a motorcycle shop(perfect for Josh-D pointed out)and a lovely big overgrown yard for Jess' garden.

May they find such success in their real world home search.

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No, this isn't a rant about my ex.

For some reason, this illness has fired off an undeniable craving for pig.

It's truely odd, because I almost NEVER eat pig. But ever since I got sick, I've been all about the goodness of SALTY MEAT! Mmmmmmmmm...Bacon. Yummm...Salami. Even-gasp-porkchops!!! It's probably been six or seven YEARS since I last devoured a porkchop.


Anyway, I don't know what the cosmic health benefits of pigflesh are, but I am heartily grateful for the swine who died that I might live another day.

Hmmmm...Anyone gotta ham sandwich?

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February 13, 2003

Abject misery is so much nicer when you have someone to cling to.

Especially someone who thinks you're foxy even when your nose is red and you feel about as sexy as cold mashed potatoes.

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February 11, 2003

Man, are we ever sick around here.

Daniel sweetly babysat Sam and Rowan and cooked and made tea whilst Ben and I lay around moaning for days.

Now he's got it and Rowan does too. Poor little lambs. I told Sam it's up to him to take care of all of us, 'cause he's the only one who is well! He said he didn't know how, so I said Ben and I would help.

This is quite the ugly flu. Major headache and bodyache, a sore throat and cough that just won't quit, massive drippy/phlegmy overwhelm in the respiratory system...Lame.

D and I have had to skip classes, and I hate to think of the many, many hours of massage piling up for me at the end of the illness tunnel.

On the brighter side, it's been real mellow, sweet and homey around here. Maybe it's just 'cause we're all sick as dogs, but even in the midst of the yucks, I've had this real nice feeling of family.

Taking care of each other.

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February 07, 2003
Spiderwomans wisdom

Daniel had the bright idea that we could make a mole recipe from my new Frida Kahlo cookbook to take over to Josh and Jess tonight for Shabbat dinner.

Thanks, Valerie

He made the twenty thousand ingredient, five hundred step recipe sound simple and easy-so we don't know half of the various chilis, surely if I stopped by Larrys on the way home from school I could pick up most of them? I don't know how convinced I was by his reasoning, but I couldn't resist his happy bright-eyed enthusiasm.

So, after four hours of giving and receiving yummy sidelying massage I hied myself over to the Queen Ann Larrys Market. Found fresh Pasillas in the veggie section, but had to call on the staff at the deli to hunt down the resident expert on chilis. He directed me to the Mexican aisle where I found a treasure trove of baggies of leathery dried peppers. I filled up my basket with these and other strange items like pepitas and coriander seeds. I also discovered Terras favorite-chipotles-are nothing less than smoked jalapenos! Who knew?

So far, so good.

The friendly bagboy chatted me up about all the peppers and I prattled on about the mole sauce whilst he crammed the whole lot into my PCC cloth bag. My first moment of doubt occured when I hoisted the bag up one shoulder and my heavy backpack of schoolbooks and sheets on the other. Maybe this wasn't the brightest plan...The thought drizzled into my head as I reviewed the fact that I still had several long bustrips between me and home and I had neglected to check Tripplanner as to which and when.

As I walked out the door, I saw my bus just about to arrive at the stop! The light was just changing so I rushed to cross the street before the cars started moving-midway across, I felt the bag slide! Yikes! I jerked it back up and yelped as something(yeah, yeah, I should know the name of whatever it was already) in my midback twanged, sending shooting pain back to front.


Pausing in the middle of the street to assess my condition didn't seem like a great idea and my bus was about to go, so I kept on, only to here a voice call: "Hey lady! Ya lost sumthin!" Sure enough, there under the tires of the now passing cars, was my paper bag of Rosemary rolls.


I waited a few long moments, watching one, two, three, four cars roll on over the poor thangs. Then I took my moment-against the advice of the my concerned passerby-and dashed out at a pause in traffic to grab it, then I raced onto the bus in the nick of time.

when I arrived at the downtown stop that I'd gotten off at that morning, I was dismayed to find that my homebound bus did not stop there at that time of the day. Presumably I would have to find the bus tunnel. Dimly I recalled 1st and Pine being the desired location. I set out disconsolately with my heavy bags gingerly hoisted onto my wrenched back.

1st and Pine presented itself-NO bus tunnel. Hmmm... Time to consult my pocket genie, he who knows all busstop info. Cellphones rock, D. soon had me on the right track-retracing my steps to the actual location-3rd and Pine.


I got there just in time to miss my bus.

Half an hour on a freezing cold granite bench in the subway tunnel. Lovely.

I was pretty frickin' pissed by now and I sat there brooding until my consciousness was disturbed by the presence of someone. Someone so jittery that her mere presence made my own pulse beat faster. She walked in short spurts, accompanied by a rather bedraggled man who seemed to be trying to console her.

She was probably only in her late twenties, but looked haggard, tough, angry and wounded and vulnerable at the same time. Her cowboy boots clicked on the pavement and she was stuffed head to foot in denim. Her Tammy Faye eyes caught me in their glare. I looked away, myself disturbed by the violent disturbence I saw in her.

Her companion gently tried to get her to sit down on the recycling bin next to me. She sat for a moment, then popped up and faced off with him. "I feel spiders...This whole place is like a web. The spiders are coming and I can't escape." Her voice was staccato and angry. "I can't handle coming down here. The web fills the whole place...And you're there at the end. Caught at the end." She ended with a furious whisper. He tried to comfort her again. She shrugged him off as their bus came.

I just sat there, breathing. Glad to be me.

Twenty minutes later my bus came and I chipped my frozen ass off the bench. I was so happy to finally be heading home to my sweet Daniel.

I'm blogging this while he's cooking up a storm.

I'm sure the mole sauce will be awesome.

photographs by Ignacio Urquiza

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February 06, 2003
Happiness is a big desk.

My moving in gift to Daniel was a big corner desk.

Did I tell y'all he's moved in? We set up the empty room today. He's finally got his full Webmaster Daniel Talsky computer station set up all in one place-and boy is he on cloud nine about them apples!

I was pretty high today too. Floating around with a big ol' permagrin whilst the Robotic Cat boys hefted and wired and sorted masses of technology.

Despite the generous spread of the desk, my massage table fits nicely, with room to spare for a little altar table too.

I scrubbed the heck out of the room-the windowsills were gross! Their condensation-loving, rusty-silled, single-pane glass ensures a constant drip this time of year. So much water accumulates on the sills that the paint is all bubbling, rusty and mildewing. Bleah.

But a tub of soapy vinegar water and some elbow grease soon had the place looking pretty sweet.

Daniel held me up (hovering over his precious computer flotsam-daredevil that he is) so I could wipe the grotty sootblack cobwebs off the ceiling corners.

I hung lacey coverings over the nice clean windows. Well, at least as CLEAN as they're gonna get till I muster up the gumption to brawl my way through the blackberries to clean the outsides!

My own dear mama got the first massage in the new room today. It was lovely.

So pretty. So good.


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Mountain dweller