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May 22, 2003

Hurray! I'm finally on break!

There was no break between 2nd and 3rd term, so it sure feels long overdue. i took my comprehensive(covering all 3 quarters)anatomy and physiology exam. Did pretty damn well too, if I do say so myself-6 wrong outta 100 anatomy questions and 4 wrong outta 50 pathology questions.

Soooooooo Happy to not hafta go to class for almost two weeks. Planning to get out of town(camping on the peninsula and hotspringing with friends) a few times, garden a lot, eat, sleep and sculpt... Just relaxing and not having to DO anything would be pretty nice actually.

Might have to leave the house so I don't have to see all those piles of laundry n' shit staring at me, demanding my immediate attention like some saintly messenger from the Gods of Cleanliness calling their fallen handmaiden back from the licentious hedonism of sprawling on the couch in her pajamas with a kahlua and cream-back to worship, to the dutiful daily devotion, the perpetual cycle of making what is dirty clean so it can, for one shining, stainless, crystal moment, hang there in all its glorious perfection, like a bright white handtowel on the refrigerator door before someone comes, carelessly dries their dirty hands on it and tosses it to the floor.


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May 15, 2003
birthday fun

We had a rockin' birthday bonfire party for Daniel.

flying into spring

T'was a fantastic evening. The fire was grand, the food was awesome(thanks Beth, for all the amazing variety of veggie meat-I've really enjoyed taking the fieldroast to school for dinner this week)the very popular cookies-one of the few items not cooked on a stick or a grill, all the dogs and s'mores... The excellent music and sweet silly singing around the fire. It was really nice.

Thanks everyone.

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happy to be a wimp in Seattle

The comments on my last post reminded me how very sweet the weather is here.

Despite some chilly May nights, we really have it pretty darn good.

I grew up in northern Maine, land of blizzards, icicles as long as your arm(for a kid anyhoo) freezing boogers and crazy-ass storms.

I used to love the lightning storms on the beach with the huge waves crashing up against the rocks, pummeling torrents of rain and wind that felt like it was gonna blow your HEAD off along with your hat.

Winter was badass there. Somedays you couldn't even find your car! The snowplows would trundle along clearing the highway and piling gigantic walls of snow alongside-which totally buried our vehicles in the driveway. I'm sure our parents were cussing to themselves but us kids LOVED it, 'cause we'd build forts taller than our heads and riddle the mounds with tunnel systems, thru which we'd chase our freaked out cats.

One time my mom was driving us home when a blizzard began. A blizzard is no ordinary snowstorm, you see, no lovely fluffy flakes falling gently to blanket the ground in a soft white blanket. OH NO. A blizzard is SNOW, driving, blinding, slashing, whipping, ripping SNOW coming down in your face and everyplace. If you're out in a blizzard you pretty much don't know which end is up and which is down. There are no landmarks beyond vague blurred shapes. Nothing but dizzying, exhilarating, scarey, wild, whirling, freezing WHITENESS everywhere.

So, there we were driving along, trying to guess-mostly by feel-if we were still on the road, when a familiar shape loomed up in front of us, it was the neighbors COW. At least we knew where we were now. We'd overshot a bit, we'd ended up a little farther on, in our nextdoor neighbors field.

That shit never happens in Seattle.

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May 04, 2003

Man, oh man, am I tired. Hey it's raining like crazy out there and I just saw lightning!

But it was certainly worth it.

Dreamgarden was spectacular! Gor, what a bunch of amazing creative performances. The Healing Sanctuary was beautiful-plushly padded, cushion piled floor, walls draped with lovely tapestries and gauzy curtains. A gold Buddha on a long altar set on real grass sod, surrounded by flowers, candles and offerings. Massage chairs and musicians... The musicians made a circle and drummed and sang and played a zillion lovely instruments. The circle got so big with all of us jamming away that it filled the room-there wasn't much room for healing! It was really fun. I played percussion on my legs, and did loon calls with my hands.

Whoops there's the thunder! Brrr... What a storm.

I wandered about looking at all the cool performances. Lots of Butoh dance and other bizarre sights. Hollys Strawberry Room, a cozy red nest of rich red velvet, red light and red strawberries. A satyr painting a giant landscape. I rounded a corner and beheld(on stage) four naked, white-painted men, sitting backs to the audience, bouncing rapidly up and down. Wild, staccato music accompanied their bouncing as they turned, revealing their hot pink codpieces(held on by nearly invisible straps) and made their way to the edge of the stagefront. There they squatted, like four bizarre living gargoyles, staring silently at the audience for a long moment-suddenly one of them flung his head to the side, emitting a strangling screeching noise. We all jumped. They proceeded to follow suite, twisting and turning their necks and gurgling painfully. After a while, two women appoached the stage, each bearing 2 long poles(like 10 or 12 feet long) The gargoyle-men took the poles and transformed into hunters, stalking to the back of the stage where we suddenly became aware of a 5th naked white(paint and codpiece) man, crouching in fetal position as the 4 polebearers surrounded him. They fixed their gigantic poles on his temples and cheeks, seemingly lifting him up to his feet and dragging him forward. It was really hard to watch. They turned him about in a weird grotesque dance until finally he stomped and they broke apart. He fell backwards, they caught him on the poles and threw him to the front of the stage again and again.

Butoh is a crazy, intense experience. The players are completely one with their performance, they completely become the raw emotion they are portraying. It's kind of hard to watch, like real suffering. Amazing.

Then I gave Jim Morrison reiki-well not really, but he did look a lot like him-hella cute, with great big soulful eyes... He traded me a very nice backrub and then I had to find mom's shoes buried under piles of stuff and we called it a night.

I got home about 1am and then had to get up and go to school in the morning. Thanks goodness for Ben, my wondrously willing(for a tired guy) chauffer.

Lomi Lomi all day, fantastic, but exhausting...

Man, my back hurts. We did a Round Robin-a continuous circle of massage(10 people on the tables 10 people massaging) until everyone had massaged everyone else in the circle. SSsssweeeet.

Tomorrow I have to go to morning class and evening class... 9 in the morning to 10 at night. Sigh...

At least D gets home tomorrow.

Hurray! Missed that boy.

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May 03, 2003

Hawaiin (Lomi Lomi) massage is YUMMY! Imagine well oiled forearms sweeping smoothly up you, seamlessly gliding, dancing, lifting, squeezing-gathering, stretching, fluffing and bringing joyous wholeness to the entire length of your body.

Just fledglings, of course, our Lomi Lomi was somewhat halting and sketchy, but still, I must say, mmmmmmmmmmmm...

It sure is a workout though. Lots of bending, leaning, pushing with forearms and elbows, all the while remembering to keep WAY down on bent knees. I can't imagine doing a 2 hour session-I'd be huffing and puffing halfway through! Receiving one would sure be heavenly, yo... Hmmm... I may just have to do that for my required professional massage next term.

I'm looking forward to more tomorrow.

Now I gotta go get my act together again, mom and I are going to practice reiki at Dreamgarden tonight.

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May 02, 2003
The unexpected day

OK, so this morning I was supposed to trade massage with a classmate... She called as I was waking up and I couldn't find the phone. She didn't leave a number and I couldn't find the class phonelist. I found the phone hiding by my laptop as I went to check my email. She'd sent me an email asking for directions. apparently my rzanimals email decided to quit sending out... So I emailed her on my yahoo account...And went back to bed.

I did give a kickass massage to someone else this afternoon and had some lovely sunny garden time all by myself in my nice big backyard with my nice new hose.

Then Ben gave me a ride to clinic lab. Or at least that's where I thought I was going. That's where all 15 or so of us thought we were going. We dutifully crammed ourselves onto the rickety green balconey of the Brenneke annex landing and stood around chatting and waiting for the instructor to show up.

15 minutes later, still chatting and waiting and wondering if the slight swaying sensation meant that there were too many of us up there and we would soon fall through onto the pool table in Jabus Pub.

Another 15 minutes passed... No instructor.

Finally we dragged Julie, our beloved dean of students, down from her tower, and demanded explanations. Unfortunately, she had none to give. But she did tell us to go home.

Well, there we were, standing around on Queen Anne with our bigass backpacks full of sheets n' books... What was there to do but go out for a drink?

So after dumping our gear in Mandys car, Levi, Liz, Mary, Erin, Rene, Mandy and I set off for a really nice place that I'd never heard of before and can't remember the name of. I do remember the yummy butternut squash soup and the lovely dry cider. And I clearly remember Levi and I trouncing Erin and Rene at scrabble. Well, maybe winning by seven points isn't really trouncing, but we kicked butt with PEE SPACE SOX:

* *R
I *L
* E
* T

Anyway, it was all good fun and we topped the night off with The Family Guy at Levis on his hugeass bigscreen TV(I'm not kidding the speakers are an entire wall!) while his kitty Clarisse ate the lyrics to his latest song. Luckily she didn't eat them all 'cause he sang it to Mandy and I later and it's a good 'un.

Ben just asked if I could blog with the light off. I think it's time to say:


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Performance art extravaganza!

Check it out, fellow Seattle denisons! Saturday the 3rd, my awesome creative friends Sheri and Holly and the amazing performance art troupe Aunty147's latest evening of wild and crazybeautiful expression and fun:


The delightful and mysterious Blackbird(my mama) and I will likely be in the Healing Sanctuary. I'm looking forward to it, despite the early morning Hawaiin massage workshop the next day...

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Yoni and Josh

Daniel wrote a poem for youse on the plane to New York

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Mountain dweller