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July 29, 2003
Do you have breasts?


If so, here's a nice, simple self care massage article.

Believe it or not, there's even a video!

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July 28, 2003
sleeping butt

I have 'popping sand' in my heel, leg and butt.

That's what Sam calls it when his parts go to sleep.

Funny how often that happens when I'm blogging.

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Well, the test sucked rocks, but I passed it.

Thank God it's over...

Now I just have to study for wednesdays practical. Then all the tests will be OVER!

Then I'll just have treatment clinic, business class and then GRADUATION!

I can't believe I made it through the whole year already.

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Even though I know I'm a good student and I'm pretty caught up on my stuff, I can't seem to help stressing the hell out. It's finals week, less than a month til graduation and I just hit the end of my rope.

The weekend was busy, but fairly nice. I was in prenatal massage all day sat and sun. It was amazing being in a room with 9 VERY pregnant woman all receiving massage-talk about an estrogen buzz! So I was tired when I got home and found the kitchen a total pigsty again. Luckily, before I had to think of something for dinner my mom offered to take me and both kids out for a picnic at the beach. Thank god for moms!

It was great fun, sun and waves and kidplay. Just what I needed after a long weekend in school without my son... Then all hell broke loose.

First, I was putting Sams shorts on him, standing behind him and leaning over his head to do so. Something exciting happened out on the water and he jumped-right into my throat and jaw, smashing my lower teeth into my tongue and crunching it-OWWWCH!-on both sides. Man it hurt... When I'd recovered from that we finished dressing and headed for the car. On the way, the kids started hopping on a log. I felt a hot sharp sting on my back and instantly we were surrounded by angry hornets. "RUN! BEES!!!" Sam started screaming and I grabbed him. We ran to the car(which was locked) luckily the hornetstorm had dissipated. Sam was panicking, screaming and holding his crotch. I pulled his shorts off and a hornet fell from the front of them. He'd been stung on his thumb and in his panic had stuck his hand, hornet and all in his shorts, all wadded up. My mom opened the car and I held Sam all the way home, where we applied a 'snowglove' of baking soda paste to his hand and mom put some on the giant bite on my back.

I sat holding Sam on the footstool in the kitchen while Rowan did an excellent job entertaining us with some poppers(little rubber toys that flip up into the air). She would put them under pans and things and they'd Pop!, Ping! and Bounce.! I was very grateful for her making Sammy laugh instead of cry and I awarded them both five shiney new stickers.

I started to feel bad. My tongue HURT and the sting was really throbbing and I was a little nauseous. I think I must have absorbed a bunch of whatever toxins hornets inflict on their enemies. I felt trashed so I tried to go to sleep. It didn't work. I had to run to the bathroom a few times, feeling sick but not actually BEing sick. I knew I had a big test the next day(today) and knew I'd be wrecked if I didn't sleep, but I was too miserable to sleep. I spent the whole night crying, totally frustrated that I couldn't sleep and freaking out about everything in my life. I finally got up and tried to bury myself in a book for a while, but that didn't work either. I drove myself insane til about 4 or 5am, when I finally fell asleep and had nightmares about losing my son.

Now I have a test to take.

Massage theory is about the last thing I want to think about right now.

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July 26, 2003

no, not mine!

I'm in prenatal massage this weekend. It's fun! Tomorrow, I get to massage a mom-to-be who is 35 weeks along! Gonna give that babybelly some LOOOOOVE!

Reiki is really fun with pregnancy massage too, 'cause you can sometimes feel the little ones cuddle right into your hands beneath the big proud curve of their mommies beautiful belly.

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July 22, 2003
Catch of the day

A precious fish on the rocks. See its birth

Oh my God freakmeout! Yes, yes, YES! We're gettin' hitched-love and marriage and all that gooooooood shit... Seriously, I am so very happy... I've wanted to know that man as only a husband and wife know each other for a very long time-in fact, pretty much since the very day I met him and got zinged by those big, deep brown, oh so loving eyes.

This time next year I will become Mrs Roseanne Talsky.

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July 11, 2003
men, please, for your own sake, look away

Who the hell designs those darn tampon receptacles in the womens restrooms?

Clearly not someone who has ever had to remove one, open the freaking lid and sling the gloppy thing in!


Couldn't they have a step open lid or something?

Sorry, I've just been having a very perturbing, messy day out today.

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July 09, 2003
summer lushness

is upon us.

welcome to the summer garden

come rest amidst the glorious flowers and feast upon a bounty of tender, fresh vegetables, come hither and meet the fey spirits who dwell within the dew-pearled petals...

come hither



I was weeding one day and I pulled out this big wad of morning glory vine, it was so lush and pretty I wrapped it around my hat, then I just had to see my honey bedecked in it too and it was all so midsummer nights dream I couldn't resist paying a little homage to Shakespeare.

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July 08, 2003
The dark lords of Mordor

have successfully been poisoning us with aspartame(nutrasweet, equal, spoonful, etc.) in softdrinks, candy and other sugarfree 'diet' foods.

If only they would lable things truthfully... But how many of us would consume formaldehyde, formic acid and methanol? Only if we had a deathwish, which is what eating aspartame adds up to.

There is an alarming increase in people being diagnosed with MS, and systemic lupus due to aspartame poisoning. It also causes a frightening list of other illnesses... Check out the 92 symptoms at

We the public have now been poisoning ourselves for well over two decades. A long enough time to show the cumulative health deterioration that results from a steady diet of these 'diet' products.

We have Reagan to thank, who fired the FDA commissioner who opposed the approval of aspartame(due to the seizures and tumors it causes in lab animals) and the new commissioner who approved it against the ruling of his own board of inquiry. Shortly thereafter, he left his position to work for GD Searle, the pharmaceutical company that developed the drug.

So, the dark lords have beguiled us with pretty labels and false promises of weight loss whilst raking in millions of dollars and spreading their poison world wide. For the whole infuriating history go here.

I wonder how it feels to be a rich old man, sitting on the fortune you made, knowing you directly, intentionally, caused thousands of people horrible suffering, blindness and death for your profit?

I don't even want to imagine the karmic consequences of that.

Straight from the Queen's mouth. Sayeth rzan at 01:32 PM | Pipe Up! (4)
July 04, 2003
faces for life

My friend Allison Moore made these big ceramic masks at Bruning Pottery for Faces for Life

She asked me to paint one for the auction.

I don't have much time, but when an art project like that happens my way I seldom can resist. So I squeezed it in. It came out really cool, but unfortunately a sleepy Ben had a bit of a run in with it and it ended up in pieces.

I should have just said oh well, and got back to studying kinesiology, but I'm a stubborn artfiend, so I called for another one and in the midst of a party I hauled out my paints and didn't stop 'til I was done.


I was in the midst of a minor emotional crisis, feeling lost and left out and I felt the need to have something to focus intensely on. The painting just poured out of me like tears. I like how startling and colorful it turned out. I think it was a good outlet for me and captures the mood I was struggling with. Sort of a rift, a shift, something splitting apart, a painful growing process and the beauty that blooms and swallows it all up. Have I lost you? That's OK, it's art, it doesn't have to make sense! As Pablo Neruda says in the movie 'Il Postino': "Poetry cannot be explained. If it is explained, it becomes banal".


You can see the split personality aspect in these sideview shots.

As for my first mask, it's living in the garden now.

garden sprite

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welcome to the family!

meet Kaya:

Kaya claims the bed

Lisa at Mamajos espresso gave us her sweet kitty. She hid for a while, but she soon claimed her right to love, love and more love! She's the kind of cat that butts her head against anything and everything in joyous self-pleasuring abandon. Should it be a human, she rolls about in belly flopping curls of enthusiastic cajoling to make sure you don't forget a spot.


She likes a good grooming, too. If she had a tail instead of just a nub, I bet she'd be curling it around Daniels hand and lashing it against him purrgasmically.

Hmmm... I think I know the feeling.

Mmeowrrrrghprrrhprrhprrrrrrh... More, more, more please... Over here a bit... (wiggle, wiggle) Mmmm... Prrhprrhprrh... Yes, yes, that's the way... (squirm) Don't forget under the chin, please... (squirm, flop, flop)Mmmmore please, oh pleeeeeease!(flop, flop)Prrhprrhprrrrrh... Oh my yes, Oh YES!! MMMMPRRHPRRHPRRH!

Now, how about the other side?

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Mountain dweller