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August 24, 2003

Hey, I graduated!

Crazy. Got a diploma and everything.

So now I'm outta here! Well, really, it's only for a week, but it's sooooo long anticipated and (if I may say so myself) well-deserved! Daniel and I are going camping in Canadia and then on to my very first Buddhacamp, as Shauny would say, ever!

I wanted to leave you with something pretty to look at, so here's my revamped illustration portfolio, now with a special mermaids page...

Enjoy a flagon of hot mulled wine with the Captain of the Queens Guard while you peruse my sketches.

You'd better eat all your vegetables or she'll kick your butt

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August 16, 2003
last days

Wed was my last class. We stayed an hour late, till 11pm, to say goodbye. We all sat in a circle and bawled and giggled and hugged. It was really sweet.

I love those guys. I am so thankful for our awesome, awesome teachers, Nate and Rebecca, and terrific teachers aides, Rita and Chad. I will never forget them, indeed, their wise counsel and good humor will be ringing in my ears for many years of massaging to come.

My classmates... Amazing people. I feel very lucky to have shared this challenging and precious year of learning with them. I hope that many of them will stay in my life and our friendships will continue to grow.

May our paths be prosperous and joyous, and may our hands spread the healing and balancing power of massage far across the world.

Love and thanks to all who helped me through this year. To Jessica, Kara, Larisa, Gwen and all my classmates who gave me so many rides back and forth to school. To Keridwyn, Levi and Mandy and all the people who kept me sane with hugs, karaoke parties and just genuine love and caring.

Thanks to Brenneke, Heida and all her very supportive, sweet staff members. Such a great environment to learn in!

To my mom for her very great love, for being an endless stream of emotional support and general support, for babysitting and guidance, for nurturing me and helping me learn and for cheerleading(all the peptalks on the phone late at night when I felt at the end of my rope)when things got bad.

For my sweet son, Sam, who had to sacrifice so many monday nights with his momma-Hurray for mondays at home now! And thanks for Ben(another endlessly giving source of rides and support)and Rowan(sweet, sweet pateint girl that she is).

Oh and to all the folks who gave their bodies to my learning hands for massages, thank you. I hope you loved every minute of it. It sure helped me tons.

Last, but surely not least, my heartfelt thanks go to Daniel, my dear fiance, for being there for me for a whole year of babysitting and driving me to school and patience and excellent massage advice and companionship and... Everything.

There, now I feel like valedictorian.

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August 10, 2003

D and I pried ourselves out of bed this morning to attend a grand beach brunch with Ross and Jo-Ann Yockey, Beths folks.

It was great food and great fun.

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August 05, 2003
you might think I'm silly, but...

there's a house under the kitchen table.

It's a very giggly house, complete with doors and windows and a lambskin rug. There seems to be an ongoing controversy over windows and doors(which is which and what is what)that reminds me of Winnie the Pooh.

Currently, the front is the door and the chairs are the windows, but the silly cat(Sam)keeps coming and going as it pleases anyhow, no matter how the Rowan- whose house it is-says: "Heeeey! Git outta my house silly cat!" Then James(Sam), who is either a train or a different cat comes by to sympathize with Rowan who tells him all about the silly cat that wouldn't listen to her.

Silly cat.

Cat! Git outta my face!

Silly house.

homeowner Rowan

Silly kids.

Cheesygrin Sam

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