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February 28, 2004

An ardent fan in Austin has requested that I blog more so here ya go:

Blog, blog, blog.

Hardeharhar. See, I'm in skewl this weekend learning how to rub pregnant women. It's way fun, but not the slackass schedule this lazybutt is used to. So I have about enuff time to pack my braunsweiger sandwich for the next day's lunch, do my homewerk and hit the sack, hopefully before I fall asleep so I can enjoy a few moments with my hairy beastie thing.

Oh, not to mention job-hunting(oh God, the pain!) and the usual mommywork.

But at least I'm not sick anymore!

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February 12, 2004
Tickle thyself

Can't? The answer is a little too pat.

Interesting. It seems obvious to me, yo. I mean, our bodies, our hands aren't just dumb, insensate beasts. They are us, as much as our brain is us. When us touches us, all is safe and good. When someone else touches us-*yikes! *

It makes me think about, of all things, masturbation. Or, rather, unmasturbation.

Confession: Masturbation seldom works for me.

I think it's for the same sort of reason. It's MY hands, MY body, MY mind. It's all too... Safe? I guess perhaps I need an element of danger/risk, of knowing it's someone else(albeit someone who loves me very much)there, touching me, someone with their own intentions and desires. There has to be that unpredictable, mysterious element of *yikes!* to really get me hot. And you can't fake that.

Or at least I can't.


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February 09, 2004
Holy Comix, Batgirl!

Check it out. My first real live comic.

All hail my darling pocket genie what helped me make it happen... and inspired it...



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February 01, 2004
changing woman

I've been drawing a portrait of my lil family. It always strikes me, when I draw myself, how very different I look. My face is longer, a bit more gaunt... My wild rage red hair has mostly grown out long again, faded almost to its natural dirty blond shade. Many more line of laughter and pain surround my mouth corners and eyes, especially when I smile, or cry. So much older, this me.

This woman has gone through so many changes, I hardly recognise in her the round-cheeked girl with a head full of romantic notions who loved to play forest fairies, eat chocolates, go dancing, flirt, draw mermaids, read fantasy, garden... Mooning and swooning over men who ultimately, weren't the fantasy heroes she'd read about.

No, this woman has changed so much she barely even resembles the dreamy young woman who waterbirthed a baby 6 years ago, or even the angry, grieving, desperate soul who packed up her sculptures and her 4 year old son and left a brittle, dying relationship to find a new life.

I know I am all that and more. I know I will go on changing, becoming new people, or, I guess, becoming more and more ME.

And, of course, I'll keep on blathering on meaningfully about it right here on my blog, so stay tuned.

But at the moment I am going to make some soup for the kidlets.

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