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March 26, 2004

arty art from artport

Accidental artwork. Guess how I made it?

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belated cakeshot


My mama and my Sammy made my birthday cake all pretty.

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March 25, 2004
more job interviews...

Can you see me working at a spa called Envy? I can't exactly, but hey, I'm giving a massage there on friday. She booked me over the phone, as we spoke for the first time, which was kind of wild. Her place is new and she doesn't really have shifts to offer, so she said she'd keep me on the list for on call massage therapy. It's a cool locale and the folks seem real nice, though I think I might fit in a little better if I spoke Vietnamese.

It's something.

The next interview is at the JCC. I have some mild trepidation about this one, having heard so much about the gnarly office politics and all from my friends Josh and Mandy who work there, and from my Robotic Cats who do their contract work... Plus it's way the heck over in Mercer Island. But the contact lady seems really nice and at this point, a job is a job is a job and goddamn it I need SOMEONE to say YES!

It's kind of hard not to take it personally, all the rejection involved in this whole gruesome pavementpounding jobsearch ordeal. The 'experience' catch 22, I mean, how are you supposed to GET experience if they only hire folks WITH experience? And that selfselling thing-I've never been too great at that. It so seems to boil down to whether they like you or not, rather than whether you've got the skillset they are hiring for.

No after no after no and you start to think: 'what's wrong with me, am I not likeable, worthy, hireable?' or at least I do, being of a somewhat melancholic bent. I bet there's a billion self help books out there just bursting with brilliant self worth advice for me, if I'd just take the time to pick one up... But alas, right now, my booktime is filled with sexy ninjas who can step out of their selves-leaving behind an illusory self to fool the ordinary minds about them whilst they slip into your boudoir to wreak some swift and stealthy mischief.

I love that shit.

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March 16, 2004
so many projects...

But I finally got tired of the embarrassment when folks asked to see my art online... My Rzanimals webpage hadn't been updated in so long! So we threw up an update. Check it out!

My poor, overworked pocket genie barely has time for Globulus anymore, what with my 'ssage brochure, business card, Rzanimals fancyass redesign(coming up soon, I hope) and our wedding invitation, not to mention the swampsuccubis blog and a redesign for one of our favorite assholes.

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March 14, 2004
magickal tree

My awesome new friend and fellow treegoddess, Sharon, gifted me this gorgeous silkpainting of a tree. It now graces the little window in my bedroom.

turning seasons

I love it!

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pitbull fashion accessories

meathead and friend

Lily, Jezebel's beautiful meathead and her favorite necklace, Ndugu Carl . She ain't afraid of no 'gator!

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March 11, 2004

I didn't get that job I was so sure of. I got back from my loverly birthday weekend at Breitenbush to find a sheepish message on my phone(on my birthday-nice gift that!) from their receptionist. It was long and rather apologetic(I hope they don't make her fire people too-she definately doesn't have it in her) saying that my massage style wasn't sports and deep tissue related enough for their clinic image, but they'll keep my resume on file... Of course.

Why'd they have to go and act all positive and get me all excited like that? Now I feel like a uselessfloppingjellyfish washed up on the hardass rocks of joblessness.

Moral: Never count your chickens before they're debeaked.

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March 07, 2004
take a walk on the wild side

with Crazysexyswampmagik. The beautiful Jezebel has birthed a blog in the Bog.

Go there.

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March 03, 2004
we're off!

To one of my most favorite places on earth:

Breitenbush Hotsprings.

Daniel is taking me there for my birthday. Aaaaaaaaah... I can't wait to soak me up some lithium.

Oh, and I think I have a job. Just had my second interview and it went well, now I just need to give the bosslady and her 2nd in command a massage apiece next week and I should be workin'.

Must be nice to be on the other end of this sort of interview process... "What do you think, shall we hire them now, or get a few more massages first?"


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March 01, 2004
angels sleep

on sheep.

all the angels come

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Mountain dweller