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May 31, 2005
quiet day

In fact it feels a bit like the quietness is sinking into my bones.

Been sitting home all day with my sick boy. He's all feverish, so hot and red cheeked and hasn't got out of bed once the whole day, poor wee sweet.

Keeps tossing and moaning these plaintive little cries in his sleep.

I read him Calvin and Hobbes, took his temp(101.8), fed him some yogurt and tea and lots of grapefruit juice. Held him for hours and hours. Got up and did chi gong, worked on some illustration projects, made tea, started rereading 'Spiritual Materialism'... Carried Sam to the bathroom so he could pee, held him some more-so hot!

He's sleeping again, with a damp cloth on his head.

I'm waiting for the mechanic to call, Dakini's in the shop getting new axles... Waiting for something to happen... This day seems to have been sucked into a vortex of quiescence.

Ah! The phone. The car's done. I called mom, she's coming to sit with Sam so I can walk down and pick it up.

That'll help the stir crazy feeling, if not the moaning boy.

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May 28, 2005


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May 26, 2005

Tightness dissolving,
shedding smooth bands like chocolate
down the convolutions of a Betty Boop milkshake.

Putting her fist where it counts,
she offers again and the prismatic release
shudders through, slamming toes earthwards.

It's a birth and an upheaval.

Tired seeps out of her bones
sliding urgent drips down long, strong legs,
prehensile toes push grass, searching, plugging into dirt.

Body slack with release, gasps shocked air,
delight burgeoning, veins alight, coursing upsurgeant,
shifting doubts explode in outrageous swells of pure appetite.

For the first time, I am free.

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May 25, 2005
back off poets, the armadillo is MINE!


No, he's not a rat-his name is Honerable Mention and I won him at the library poetry contest for my poem formerly known as bustop burbling and subsequently retitled: 'Don't'.

Maybe next year I'll get that coveted Wedgie(a small, golden replica of our glorious Wedgewood boulder)

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where's Han Solo?

OK, Sam loved it and I must admit, it beat the first two hands down... I sure miss Harrison Ford yo-nobody in these pics can take inane macho sexual innuendo and turn it into hot, sexy gold like he did...

But I won't go on about the vapid love dialogue, I leave that to the capable, if wayward wit of Miz Sagbottom.

I will however express my horrification at the birth scene-what the hell? Delivered by robots? I mean, it's not like I expected a midwife to somehow pop up in the midst of this patriarchal fantasm, but a glassed in chamber with gleaming robotoid doctors... Bah! And, hello, she was mostly dead, right? So they carefully changed her into a pristine white dress? Was that so the blood would show up better?-oh wait there was no blood, 'cause they had that neato little privacy cloche... Presumably so she wouldn't possibly wake up and maybe ohmygod! see her babies being born? Or perhaps Jedi knights can't handle blood if it isn't spewing from severed limbs?


Um, and what happened to Padme's ridiculously slinky and elaborate wardrobe? Not to mention her role as a senator? Once she got knocked up all she did was mope around, weep and wear weird knitted old lady gowns. although she did keep changing into new ones every scene, like, ohmygodAnnikenmightbedead!mustchangemygownsoIcanweepsomemore... Oh, guess there was that little gogo outfit for her mission to the volcanic planet- I suppose she was trying to keep her legs cool?

Sorry Kat, I guess I did have a few cents of my own.

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For the beautiful rowdy prisoners

Go here to feast your eyes on another gorgeous painting by my friend Mollie.

One of my favorite Hafiz poems too...

Lots of other outrageous art on the same site, definately worth a browse or two.

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May 23, 2005
you can do anything you want...

but please don't torture the chickens!


I wish I could append a disclaimer here that no animals were harmed in the making of this delectable party, but the evidence is too obviously damning, and the pulled pork(not pictured) was simply amazing.

Sorry, Danni, I think you may lose your vegan license for this one... But thanks for a delightful, delicious evening!

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demise of the ratcreature

Our very own yard monster met it's doom this weekend:


Poor thing didn't stand a chance against the archery of Rowan the Magnificent


and the dramatic sword prowess of SamBenZamgee-stand back, y'all-I didn't and got a seriously painful swordwhallop on my camera holding wrist(ow, ow, ow, an actual dent in your flesh can't be a good sign, can it?). Acht, war wounds, right?


After the coup de grace,


The poor beastie was literally ripped to shreds... My mom found his paw the next day, somewhere in the garden.

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May 21, 2005
fair massage

worked the 'ssage booth at the street fair this morning. Nuthin' the first hour, so Katey and I just worked on each other, but we had to break off(right in the middle of my-recieving-massage, waah!) 'cause it got BUSY! Eager fairgoers were lining up for it... If I hadn't had to leave to go get my boy, I'da made bank!

As it was I took off with a fair chunk o' change, grabbed a lamb gyro and hot-footed it home just in time for the Sam.

'course the money will prolly go right into my mechanics hungry pocketses... I changed the bulbs and checked the fuses, which all seem to be fine and my headlights are still not working!


At least I tried to do it myself.

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May 19, 2005
ninja kisses

if I was a ninja I'd swoop down and attack people, cover them in a velvet hail of kisses swift as karate chops.

I'd strike fast and disappear before they knew what hit them... A sudden passionstorm tumbling them head over heels, leaving them blinking in the rain, abruptly well-kissed.

I'd bide my time, silent, invisible, silver like raindrops on rooftops... I'd watch the passing crowd, look for the one who, unbeknownst even to themselves, was deeply in need of a ninjas kiss.

Leap, rebound, curving through taut wires, take him down in one smooth motion, toppling, rendering knees suddenly weak, wrapped utterly in skillful arms, fingers kneading neck, touching all those perfect places, yielding bliss, wielding kiss after kiss like whirling stars...

There's no escaping a ninja's kiss.

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bus-drunk love

I felt so happy on the bus tonight, exchanging silent, appreciative glances with the pretty minx across from me, her big spiral earrings swaying as we bumped up and down.

Three teenage boys, looking all fly in their slick black jackets(navy seal, declared the lettering on the nearest one) sprawled on the high bench seats, talking 'bout girls(go figure)and friends and laughing a lot.

A shabby looking fellow slouched up the aisle singing 'row, row, row your boat' and the old fellow he'd been sitting next to, relaxed visibly into the book he was reading.

It was pouring rain and I felt so much love and joy expanding, for no particular reason... Like I loved everyone, all those strangers on the bus and the driver who laughed at me for hesitating about stepping on the wheelchair ramp he'd lowered for the last passenger. Like I knew what life was all about and it wasn't so hard after all.

The girl caught some of my amuse, smiled a slightly crooked smile under wide, dark cinnamon eyes, shifting her weighty-looking backpack from left to right.

I clutched my own on my lap, happily stuffed with cute new clothes! My last client of the night was a first-timer. I absolutely love giving people their first ever professional massage-there's a certain kick of pride, I guess, getting 'em hooked to the good good loving touch of massage-and this was no exception. She was sweet and left cooing... A $20 tip on the table-whoohoo!

I promptly recycled it into some of the foxiest clothes I've ever had the pleasure of wearing(yes, I fully admit it, I'm a shameless clothes-whore)-hurray for Buffalo Exchange and summer!

Like one of my new shirts says:

Bad kitty!

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it's a good thing cars are so damn useful...

I mean, they're really, really convenient and warm and dry on a cold wet Seattle night and heaps of other wonderful things that I'm going to think about instead of thinking about how ferschniggetting(is that two t's or one?) EXPENSIVE they can be!

It never rains, but it pours... Dakini's got some woes. Three outta three mechanics I've taken her to say she oughta have her alignment, um, aligned. Two outta the three say she needs new axles! To the tune of $400. Not to mention I just had to take her in for emissions and her insurance is coming up due next month.

Ch,ching!, ch,ching!(all the shiney dollars and cents falling outta my bank account)

and tonight, leaving chi gong class, no lights! Her headlights are dead. Drat, drat, and more drat! The brights work but not the regular ol' headlights. Urrrgh! I had to go home instead keeping my date with a beautiful woman.


I love you Dakini, I really do. You're a good 'un. Pardon me while I moan and bang my head against the(nicely carved) bedpost.

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May 16, 2005
samurai rabbit action!

We finally finished reading 'The Lord of the Rings' last week.

Sam laughed his ass off at the last part-somehow it was the funniest thing ever(or at least almost as funny as the first chapter of 'The Hobbit' where the dwarves keep popping in to Bilbos surprise and consternation) when the hobbits kick Saruman's ass so royally in the humble setting of the Shire after all the tremendous trials and tribulations they've gone through in the 'big' world.

He was kinda disappointed that they left that out of the movies, along with most of the songs.

He absolutely loved the ass-kickin' battle scenes yo. Especially when the mumakil come plowing through, scattering cavalry like chaff with their giant tusks and when Legolas swings up and singlehandedly takes down an entire cavalcade of Haradrim, dispatching the great oliphaunt with an arrow to the skull... Leaps with steady grace to the ground and shrugs at Gimli, whose rejoinder-"Still only counts as one!" 'bout splits Sam's sides with laughter.

So, where to go from there? I'm thinking of Ursula Leguins Earthsea trilogy but for now it's on to Usagi Yojimbo, by the talented(have you ever tried to make a rabbit look truly stern, honerable and heroic?-it's not easy and the man does it really well) and prolific Stan Sakai, for some kickass samurai rabbit action...

Hmmm... Can I get the words 'ass' and 'kick' in a few more times before the end of this post?

Naw... I think that's enuff, before y'all get tired of it and want to kick MY ass!


Hey, it's sunny! I should go get my ass outside and open up the cloche, let those babies breathe...

sorry... some words just won't stop kicking...

oh, bad, bad girl.


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My poor tomatoes were sitting in the front window all week, gazing out at the big green world, moaning about the puny confinement of their pots...

Yesterday, I'd had enough! I couldn't look at their drooping leaflets or hopefully stretching roots a minute longer, so, despite the gloomy weather, I set out to finish my cloching mission. after all, I couldn't just put the wee tender things out in the cold spring night air without protection.

I'd begun last week, with sod removal and the transplanting of the stray raspberries from the bed earmarked for my 'maters. Now, I unwired the flimsy bamboo supports-utterly inadequate for the heavy glossy clusters of ripe multi colored tomatoes I'm envisioning-dug up the stout extra 4by4 post to hold the middle section of the trellis...

Nate kindly volunteered to dig the hole for it and then my deputy clochepin whacker got to work!


he did a great job,


except for a few rebounds that caught him on the noggin!


Even practically KOing himself didn't stop his enthusiastic whacking yo-pretty soon(well, actually not that soon, since we had to run to the hardware store for plastic and we needed to return 'Return of the King', the extended version and we had not yet watched the appendices.... Sam simply had to see how the castles were built, not to mention-destroyed! So it was really several hours later...)we had our beautful cloche all built and our 'maters and basils happily ensconced.


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anyone seen my bejeezus?

'cause I think it must be half way to Zimbabwe by now.

Sam scared the heck out of me last night. I was talking to Nate out on the porch when the door slammed and screaming ensued- that screaming with a serious edge that gets a mama's attention instantly-I zipped inside, assessing the scene(floor, door, screaming, pain, no visible blood) as I dove to Sam, his hands cradled fetal style, screaming bloody murder. I whisked him up unto my lap, on the couch. His screaming hadn't subsided one bit and the words I could make out were:


My heart about hit the roof of my mouth in panic before colliding with my intellect-there was no gushing blood, no finger on the floor, the kid MUST just be freakin'.

I gently but firmly persuaded him to let me see and indeed, the damage was pretty minor, although there was a long flap of skin hanging off-probably what scared him so much. His crying didn't increase when I moved the digits so I was sure he wasn't broken... I plopped a pack of peas on it and held him and kissed on him a lot and chanted Medicine Buddha, a healing chant that he knows well 'til the sobbing gradually dribbled out and he was quiet, listening.

Poor kid, he really was convinced his finger ripped off and would not look at it, so I had to reassure him as best I could that his pinkie was intact until I got salve and a bandaid on it and could show him.

Bandaids, the miracle cure!

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May 15, 2005
beautiful cards

for sale cheap!


Greatpath is closing, selling their stock... Take advantage, art lovers!

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May 14, 2005
it's raining massage equipment!

We're talking state of the art, too.


She's one lucky, happy LMP today. this beautiful table is a mere 23 pounds! I can practically toss it over my shoulder on the way out the door.

Love, love, love quality equipment!

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May 13, 2005
it's a pretty thing...

my new massage chair!


It's a Pisces 'Dolphin'-perfect for a fish like me...

I wasn't expecting to get this for a while yet... after all I hadn't even mailed them the checks! I came home yesterday feeling weary and sad and there it was, this big ol' package on my porch. I think they must have made a mistake in the shipping department, 'cause the tag says send invoice in order to receive checks or something like that, but I'm certainly not going to argue with their leap of faith, however accidental!

It was a nice surprise.

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May 10, 2005
yay garden!

Sam and I hoed, raked and planted and watered today...




Man, I thot I'd dug me a good big 'un, but I ran outta space-no room for 'taters!

Oh well... Maybe I'll get up the gumption to dig another leetle mound somewhere.

Gonna finish Lord of the Rings tonight! We're on the last chapter. Maybe we'll rent the extended Return of the King to celebrate... Sam says he wants a movie that shows everything in the book -I told him it'd be about a year long yo! He really wishes they'd done more of the songs. For some reason he's quite taken by those.

Wow-it's all sunny out now-hope my tender baby plantlets don't get fried!

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we got to visit with someone special we haven't seen in a long time...


It was Daniel's 30th birthday yesterday and his mom was in town so they came over for a little visit.

It was really nice to see the lady whose honey we've been eating all year! I made oatmeal raisin muffins(with aforementioned honey) to celebrate, we demolished many towers,


gave D his gifts and Sam demonstrated his superior ninja techniques:


It was a good afternoon and no animals where harmed, well, except perhaps for the fingernails up the nose-ouch!


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busy frolicsome weekend getaway

I was all set to go camping at Wallace Falls this weekend with a whole buncha friends, I'd stocked up on corn cruchies and interesting chocolates bars and, well, more food than any goodsized buncha people really needs...

Got up early on saturday so as to run to the Tilth plant sale first-oh my did I get some lovelies for the garden! The line was insane, there are way, way too many gardeners in this neck o' the city... Practically a cherry tomato frenzy! But I made it home with lots of plants and lots of time(enuff to make cashew sesame bars before Danni got here).

Then Josh called, since he wasn't coming he(and friends) wanted to meet us for coffee... No harm in coffee, right? We'd still get outta there in time...

So we Grateful-breaded it with a buncha sweet folks who'd been up partying waaaaaay too late the night before... It was a riotous luncheon-we decided to take it outside before the kidlets at the table next to us began to ask their parents what our more colorful and challenging-to-explain vocabulary words meant. Yikes!

Eventually, rather than prying ourselves away, we dragged the lot o' 'em back to my place, ostensibly to pack up and wave 'byebye... Instead we all piled on the bed and gave the tiredest girl in the heap heaps of massage... She was pretty happily jellied by the time her boy took her home to nap and we finally set out.

Camping was beautiful. I haven't been outta town in a tent or by a fire for ever so long and the falls are just gorgeous... But I didn't take any pictures of the scenery, just some pretty girls!



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been too busy livin' to do much blogging lately...

let's see... I went on a roadtrip with Sam, Rowan and Danni... Down to Washougal, where Danni's sis(and her husband, Dave) were throwing an awesome music fest.

We had such an amazing time. Their house in on the gorgeous Washougal river and they gave us a warm welcome to their community of sweet friends.


Dave got a fancy new pair of slippers...


and I made fine musical instruments for all to play... Can't claim credit for the idea-got that from Leilavision.


They even did a quartet with just the jars-it was rockin'!

We had the pleasure of staying overnight and in the morning, as folks drifted into the kitchen a grand breaking of the fast gradually erupted into an enormous feast and I massaged sated sleepy girls until they melted into the carpet and then, to my delight we had a braidathon out on the deck in the not-so-warm, but lovely sunshine.


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May 04, 2005
i love puppies...

...but I've never had anyone bring their pup in with them when I massaged them before-it was a good test of professional concentration vs. cuteness.

Concentration won, but barely. A three month old lab pup is pretty hard to resist. 'Specially when she cocks her head all cute and upsidedownlike, ears flopping over her big begging eyes... Rolls over, stretching her leash to it's farthest extent, holding out her paws beseechingly.

The lil' cutie tried just about everything to get my attention. I stoutly ignored her, except to nudge her gently out of the way with my foot when I worked on that side of the client.

She was a good'un yo-only got too excited and yipped once.

I gave her a whole lotta lovin' when the 'ssage was over.


Whooo... Worked on 5 people tonight... Tha's a lotta massage.

Bedtime for me.

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May 01, 2005
pretty pagan family


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Mountain dweller